Learning Gun Safety with Daisy BB Gun

Are you looking for cool gift ideas for the tween on your list? Now that our kids are getting a little older, we no longer scour the sales ads for little plastic toys. The things on their wish list are a little more grown up. This year, we decided it was a good time to get our daughter her first BB gun. We thought about waiting till Christmas since this would be the perfect gift for our target loving, competitive family but last weekend the weather warmed up just a bit, the sun came out and we decided it was the right time for an early Christmas present and a few reminders about gun safety.

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Learning gun safety with Daisy BB guns

Learning Gun Safety with Daisy BB Gun

But before we could have the shooting fun in the back woods, we needed to buy the Daisy BB gun and all the accessories. When you buy your BB gun, make sure you purchase a pair of safety goggles, some BBs and of course something fun to shoot!

One of the great things about a BB gun is that they provide young shooters with a perfect opportunity to learn gun safety. Daisy has been educating young shooters since 1948 and continues to educate through its partnership with leading conservation and youth training organizations such as National Wild Turkey’s JAKES Take Aim, 4-H National Shooting Sports, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Royal Rangers, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, Civilian Marksmanship, NRA, JROTC units, scouting, fish and game as well as church and private camps.

Daisy educates roughly one million of America’s youth a year and promotes safety for kids when using guns.

Our kids are growing up around guns and have been learning the 4 rules of gun safety for years. But now that my daughter has her first BB gun, it was time for a review course. We know that guns are not what kill people; it’s people that misuse guns that cause dangerous situations. I love giving my kids the opportunity to learn how to be safe around guns by letting them use a BB Gun under our supervision.

#1 Tip for Kids and Guns: We teach our kids to always STOP, RUN and TELL if they see a gun when we are not with them.

Time to Shoot the Daisy

My husband set up some targets for us to shoot and spent some time teaching Natalie how to load the BB gun. In just a few minutes we were ready to have some fun shooting at the target!

Learning gun safety with Daisy BB guns

Sure, it’s always fun to shoot at paper targets and see who can get the closest to the bull’s eye; but while I was at Academy, I found these really cool targets that ooze colored slime when you shoot them! Now these things were fun to shoot!

Learning gun safety with Daisy BB guns

Shooting the BB gun is just one more adventure we can share together – another opportunity to build memories and share experiences. Anyone want to guess which one of us got the closest to the target more than the others? Sure, Daddy’s a pretty good shot….but…. Natalie and I are pretty good ourselves!

Learning gun safety with Daisy BB guns

Print Gun Safety Rules

Printable Gun Safety Rules

Print this List of Safety Rules

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  1. I did not have a Daisy gun growing up, but I know I would gift one to my best friend’s daughter, who’s already a great shot and aspiring biathlete!

  2. No, I’ve never had one before. My parents weren’t into that kind of stuff. My husband grew up with it, I think him and my daughter could really bond over it.

  3. My dad taught me how to shoot a BB gun (not sure of brand)and then
    around 15 a real gun. He was adamant about safety. I would give this to my “niece” if I won it.

  4. I was not introduced to any type of gun until my adult life but not we will be practicing gun safety with my nice, nephew, and our children!

  5. I think that I may have had one when I was younger but I’m not positive. I would share this with both of my girls. I would let my hubby teach them how to use it and the rules of using a gun. thank you!

  6. I had a bb gun when I was growing up. I will teach my granddaughter to shoot this gun if I win it. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  7. I didn’t have a daisy growing up because my mom is anti-gun, but I would give this to my son who doesn’t have his own bb gun yet

  8. Did you have a Daisy BB gun when you were growing up? Who would you share this Daisy with?

    yeah…its good for target practice…today the cops have been killing people with these

  9. I didn’t have one because my grandfather, an Army veteran, taught me how to shoot using his rifles & hand guns. My husband is a US Marine & I know that he would love to have one of these to teach our sons!

  10. no I never had any guns as a child but I would keep it for me to use when a critter is bothering my trash or my chickens

  11. I never had a BB gun and honestly think there are better toys for children. I would probably use the gc for something else.

  12. I didn’t have one, but my brother did. We spent so much time playing with his gun.
    This would be for my two sons if I won.
    Thanks so much.

  13. Although my father was a Police officer, none of us kids were allowed to own a Daisy BB gun when I was growing up. I would share this DAisy with my 3 kids.

  14. I did not have a Daisy BB gun growing up, although I would have loved a pink one! I’d love to gift this to my son for Christmas!

  15. No I did not have a Daisy BB gun when I was growing up, but I would to share this Daisy with my nephew who would love to own one.

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