Where are the 911 Memorials?

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 is coming up soon and for those of us who experienced the events of that day, we have very vivid memories. But we have a generation growing up that was not even born when the events of 9/11 took place. Many of our kids are learning about September 11, 2001 as something that happened years ago, just a horrific event in history. But there are ways we can help our kid’s generation understand a little more about the events of 9/11. One of those ways is to go together as a family and visit the 9/11 Memorials.

Where are the 911 Memorials?

We have been able to visit each of the three 9/11 Memorials over the past few years. Each of the Memorials evokes different emotions and sparks conversations with our children that help them better understand the events of that day.

Freedom Tower, New York City

The Memorial and the Museum are located at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan at 180 Greenwich St.
You can pay for tickets to take the full tour or visit the outside memorial for free.

Flight 93, Pennsylvania

You don’t just drive by the Flight 93 Memorial by accident. You take the time to visit this memorial on purpose because it is not on a main road. It is very inspiring to see how many visitors were there to show their respects.

6424 Lincoln Highway
Stoystown, PA 15563
There is no fee to visit the Flight 93 Memorial.

Pentagon Memorial, Washington DC

Located at the Pentagon in Washington DC, the easiest way to get to the Memorial is to use Washington DC Public Transporation. When you arrive at the Pentagon, you walk about 1/2 mile around the Pentagon building to the Memorial.

Pentagon Memorial
N Rotary Rd
Fort Myer, VA 22211
There is no fee to walk around the Pentagon Memorial.

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