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Are you ready for a New York City Walking Tour?  Have you been thinking about visiting Manhattan?  My daughter and I had the opportunity to take an amazing mother-daughter trip to New York City last year!  We’re ready to share our tips (and tons of pictures) from our 2 day adventure in the Big Apple.

New York City Walking Tour

New York City Walking Tour for less than $10

We got up at 3 am in Kentucky and flew into Newark Airport. We knew that the best way to get to Manhattan was to ride the NJ Transit straight to Penn Station.

NYC NJ Transit

When you come out of Penn Station and get your first breath and view of Manhattan, you can feel the energy of the city. We took a few minutes to just stand and take it all in. By that time, we were tired from our early morning start but the people, the sounds, the smells, the skyscrapers – we could just feel an energy and excitement. We were ready to explore! There’s just nothing like your first moments in New York City.

NYC first moment in city

Since this is where most people enter New York city, this serves as the perfect starting spot for a New York City Walking Tour.

NYC Penn Station

This is by no means a complete NYC tour, but this New York City Walking Tour worked for us!

Midtown Manhattan

Begin your tour at Penn Station

Walk to Empire State Building. When you exit Penn Station, if you turn to the right, you will see Empire State Building towering over the street! Just start walking!

NYC Empire State Building

Be on the lookout for Madison Square Garden

NYC Madison Square Garden

Walk to Macys on 34th street
As lifelong fans of the classic Christmas movie “Miracle on 34th Street”, we were not about to miss the opportunity to see where it all began!

NYC Macys

Times Square
Times Square is an amazing cross section of people at all times of the day. Whether you are there in the daytime or at midnight, it is well worth your time! What a place of energy!

NYC Times Square

And of course, we had to take a minute and see if Natalie could ‘grab’ the famous Ball that we have watched drop every New Years Eve!

New York City Walking Tour
nyc ball altered perspective

We took the time to come back later on with some friends at 11:30 pm. Times Square was more alive at almost midnight than it was during the day!

NYC Times Square
NYC Times square night

New York Public Library
If you love books and have seen movies based in New York City, you are familiar with the iconic New York Public Library. Be watching for a follow up article next week taking you inside this amazing New York landmark!

The NYC Public Library is free to enter and explore so take your time and enjoy the amazing architecture, art, exhibits and of course the research opportunities.

NYC public library natalie
NYC Public Library 1

Grand Central Terminal
No place is more recognized than Grand Central Terminal. One of the things on our list that we wanted to do was take a subway or shuttle out of Grand Central Terminal. We had no clue which train to take, but we knew where we wanted to go next and we knew how to find out!

NYC Grand Central Terminal

This part of the walking tour is just over 2.5 miles.

Of these New York City Manhattan famous landmarks, which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear!

Want more?  Keep the New York City Exploring going!  New York City Walking Tour Part 2

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  1. I love NYC, it is one of my favourite places to visit. I am going in July and can not wait to feel the energy and visit Times Square.,

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