Things to Know about Pink Jeep Tours

Recently I had the opportunity to go on a pink jeep tour through the Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona.  As someone who has never gone off-roading or mudding, I wasn’t sure what to expect.   What I learned was that this is an incredible way to experience trails that you can’t access in your own car and are too remote to easily hike out to explore. If this is your first time booking a tour with Pink Jeep Adventures, then these tips are for you!

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Things to Know about Pink Jeep Tours

Your journey begins at the Pink® Jeep® Plaza in beautiful Sedona. After a quick overview from the guides, you’ll climb aboard an open-air Pink® Jeep® Wrangler that’s designed to safely drive the rocky desert terrain with ease.

There’s a short drive through town then it’s time to tackle the trails. As soon as you hit the trail, you’ll discover what the jeeps do best—crawl over desert rocks to the most remote areas around Sedona.

There are 2-3 opportunities to stop and walk around and take advantage of the amazing photo ops along the trail. You can walk around and enjoy the towering rock spires and unique geological formations. Our driver had grown up in the Sedona area and told us many stories about the area as well as the names of the mountains and rock spires.

Be warned that the road is rocky and you will be jarred around  You don’t go fast, but you will bounce all over the place. You have a seatbelt and won’t actually fall out of the jeep, but you may end up feeling like you are going to fall into the lap of the people beside you.

Part of the tour takes you on the Broken Arrow Trail that will take you out to some rocks that the jeep will get to climb.  The jeep can go places that look a bit daunting but the drivers are confident and skilled.  

The Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour has more off-road fun before the tour’s grand finale: The Road of No Return. You’ll quickly see how this run earned its name. Hang on as the driver uses expert all-terrain driving skills to navigate rocks, ruts and roots on the way to the bottom of this exciting descent.

If you are a fan of western movies, you may recognize the setting from the 1950 movie “Broken Arrow” (1950, 20th Century Fox) and many other classic favorites!

Sunset in Sedona

There are few places with sunsets more stunning than Sedona. Take the time after your tour to enjoy the amazing sunsets over the red rocks in Sedona!

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Looking for another beautiful place to enjoy the Arizona sunset? Don’t miss the Hole In the Rock in Phoenix for a front-row seat to end the day!

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