Things to Know: Rebecca Ruth Chocolates


Sometimes we find adventure when we take cross-country road trips, but other days we find something pretty amazing in our own home state. Recently we drove over to Frankfort to do a little back-to-school shopping and decided to take a few minutes and explore a Kentucky historic favorite – Rebecca Ruth Chocolates. Whether you love the classic chocolate bourbon balls or are like me and prefer the more traditional small-batch chocolates, a stop at Rebecca Ruth Chocolates is a guaranteed hit!

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Things to Know: Rebecca Ruth Chocolates

Rebecca Ruth Chocolates has been handcrafting gourmet chocolates since 1919 and is a fourth-generation family-owned Kentucky Proud business. Today you can enjoy the same time-tested recipes and candy-making techniques taught by Ruth Booe when you visit the store in Frankfort.

If you visit during the weekdays, you can take a tour and see how the candies are made. Since we arrived on a weekend, we were able to walk through the memorabilia room and see some of the history on display.

Then of course came the fun part! You can purchase prepackaged boxes with an assortment of chocolates or you can build your own box. You pay by weight so you might want to do what I did and have them weigh it halfway through your selection process so you don’t get surprised.

There are so many chocolates to choose from that it just might be hard to decide what you want to buy. We decided to pick 4 pieces of each of our top favorites and then do a fun tasting sample all the way home. The selections were so yummy – Chocolate Cream, Peanut Butter Clusters, French Vanilla Creams, Bacon Maple Creams, Coconut Creams, White Chocolate Almond Bark, Almond Charlies, Salted Pretzel Charlies and more…

I would love to tell you that our box of chocolates lasted for a week as we slowly enjoyed the different varieties, but I’ll just let you guess how long it actually lasted.

Have you ever visited Rebecca Ruth Candies? What is your favorite chocolate? I’d love to hear!

Just a side note – if you love bourbon, then you can of course buy the traditional bourbon balls. But if you prefer to not have any alochol content, then rest assured that all the chocolate flavors are clearly marked and you can easily make your selections and not get confused.

Where to find Rebecca Ruth Candies

116 E 2nd St, Frankfort, KY 40601

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  1. Sharon, I won’t tell Steve right away about the BACON MAPLE CREAMS. He will be wanting to make a trip to Frankfort today. When I was a youngster (late 40s and early 50s), if we had been good, Grandma would take us to the Rebecca Ruth candy store on the corner of 4th and Oak Streets. We were allowed two pieces of candy. I gobbled mine down before we finished the walk home two blocks away. Gloria saved hers and ate it in front of me several hours later. One of these days I will tell you about her Halloween candy fiasco!

    1. This is such a great story! I didn’t realize there was a store in L’ville you grew up with. I think you and Steve need to take a road trip soon and go get some bacon maple cream for sure!

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