Patchwork Quilt Cricut Mug Press Idea


There’s something special about patchwork quilts. Most of us have special quilts that we have inherited from our grandma, aunt, or mother. I learned how to quilt from my Grandma and have loved the craft ever since. Recently, I decided to recreate the patchwork quilt design using infusible ink and the Cricut Mug Press. If you love patchwork quilts and enjoy your morning coffee or tea, then this crafty project is for you.

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Patchwork Quilt Cricut Mug Press Idea

Listen here as Grandma tells about the first time I asked her to help me make a quilt.

Materials Needed


Creating a patchwork quilt Cricut Mug is similar to making a patchwork quilt out of fabric. The first step is choosing your ‘fabric’ or infusible ink paper. I chose the Wildflower paper since Grandma’s quilts often had floral designs. I chose two print papers and two solids to create contrast in my design.

  • Cut each design in squares. (For this design, I used 2-inch squares but I think for my next patchwork quilt design, I will use 1-inch squares.)
  • Cut each square into half-squares.
  • Use heat resistant tape to connect each of the contrasting half-squares.
  • Now comes the fun part. Place your newly formed blocks into the pattern of your choice.
  • Make sure you create a large enough block design to fully wrap around your mug. The typical mug will need a design approximately 10 inches by 4.25 inches.
  • Tape each of the blocks using heat resistant tape. Remember to tape on the back of the design.
  • Trim your design to fit the mug
  • Use heat resistant tape to attach your patchwork quilt design to your mug
  • Bake in your Cricut Mug Press
  • Let the finished mug cool and then untape and reveal your new design

Now, when I am using one of Grandma’s quilts this winter, I can drink my coffee or tea out of a patchwork quilt-inspired Cricut Mug!

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  1. Sharon, your patchwork quilt mug is terrific! This is one I will be sure to make. Also, it was a joy to listen to Hazel’s quilting tales again, especially the one about your first quilting ambition.

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