Natalie’s Video Diary: NYC Trip

A few weeks ago Natalie and I took a quick weekend Mother-Daughter trip to New York City. This was Natalie’s first time in an airplane and her first visit to Manhattan and Brooklyn. She decided it would be a fun experience to document with a video diary. She kept her ipod with her the whole time and took little video clips throughout the weekend trip.

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Natalie’s Video Diary: NYC Trip

Tips for a Successful Video Diary

  • Take lots of video. You don’t know which clips will be the best, so you want plenty of footage to pick from.
  • Be willing to chop out over half of the footage. Because of the nature of a video diary being out in public, there will be lots of video that is unusable due to crowd or outside noise. This video diary started at close to 20 minutes and we cut to only 6 minutes.
  • Use a free program like Windows Movie Maker or IMovie on Mac to edit your video.

Have you ever made a video diary of a travel event? Got any tips? We’d love to hear! (and Natalie would love the feedback from you guys!)

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  1. Natalie, your video is delightful! I enjoyed seeing part of the New York walking tour from your perspective. Keep it up and make more videos of your trips.

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