Things to Know: Kentucky Stonehenge


Is visiting Stonehenge on your bucket list? There’s just something fascinating about the ancient stones that have been around for thousands of year. For many of us, a visit to England is not feasible right now.  Fortunately,  we just discovered that a Kentucky man has created his own version of Stonehenge in his own backyard.  If you are looking for a unique experience just minutes off the interstate, you need to check out Kentucky Stonehenge in Munfordville.

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Things to Know: Kentucky StoneHenge

Kentucky Stonehenge is located just minutes off I65 about one hour south of Louisville.  The GPS took us directly to the private home where you can experience the creation of Kentucky’s own local Stonehenge.  While we were there, we had the opportunity to talk to the owner’s wife who shared about their journey of creating Kentucky Stonehenge.

Kentucky Stonehenge Mundfordville, Kentucky

About 10 years ago, the homeowner became fascinated with Stonehenge but knew the trip wasn’t feasible so he decided to build his own version in his backyard.  He sourced local rocks and started building.  Some of the rocks were donated, others he dug out and transported from local areas and some he purchased.

Stonehenge Munfordville Kentucky

The attention to detail in Kentucky Stonehenge is impressive.  The owner’s wife told us how the stones were placed in a precise way so they will drop a shadow down the middle of the circular area on the day of the Summer Solstice. Each of the gardens and areas has particular significance and a story all its own.

Kentucky Stonehenge

Not only can you enjoy this unique perspective of Stonehenge, but you can also walk around and see many other unique stone creations and gardens.

Stonehenge table and chairs

Free parking is easily available right off the road in the turn-around driveway.  Remember that this is private property, but the owners welcome visitors.  

Stonehenge free parking area

There is no charge to visit or tour the Kentucky Stonehenge area.  

Don’t forget to look across the road and enjoy the stone cannons in the field area designated as Cannon Hill.  Because the city of Munfordville played a part in the Civil War, the creator decided that he should honor those who fought .

Cannon Hill Munfordville

This field has multiple stone cannons created from local rocks.

Cannon Hill Munfordville

All of Chester’s rock creations are on display on the grounds of his Munfordville estate. In addition to displays resembling the world famous Stonehenge, the estate is divided into several other rock displays including: Earth Mysteries, The Garden of Gethsemane, Rock Gardens, and Rock Park. 

KY StoneHenge

Where to Find:

201 Lynn Ave
Munfordville, KY 42765


Did you know this place existed?  Have you ever driven over to Munfordville to visit Kentucky Stonehenge?  Now you can add another amazing local Kentucky destination to the list of places to check off your road trip adventure list!

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