Top Things to Do in Small Town America

Most of the time when people think of exploring cities, they think of the big metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia where the major historical landmarks are. But don’t overlook rural America and the amazing opportunities for discoveries. The next time you find yourself in a small town looking for something to do, take a look at these 10 things to do in Small Town America.

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Top Things to do in Small-Town America

Start your day with coffee

You may not find a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in many small towns but you can still probably find a great coffee shop. Pull up a chair, talk to some locals, or spend some time working on a project.

Visit a local museum

Almost every small town in America has some sort of local museum. Whether you are in Dayton, Tennessee or Miles City, Montana, you can find a local museum where you can explore and learn about the history of the county.

Rhea County Courthouse Museum

Get your steps in

Take the time to walk around the courthouse or the downtown area and for the steps. There’s no reason to miss your 10,000 step goals, just because you’re away from home.

Enjoy lunch at a local café

Sure you could search out the local chain restaurant but it’s much more fun to visit a local restaurant or downtown café. Since I always have a project I’m working on, lunch is a great opportunity to get some writing in while I eat a cheeseburger from the boat dock.

Visit the local library

Most small cities have a library that will offer free Wi-Fi and books or newspapers to browse.

Look for Local art and murals

Whether you are in big cities for small towns, you can typically find local art somewhere on the wall of a building. Just wander around and look for public art and historic signs.

Explore Parks & Boat Docks

Take a few minutes to explore the local parks, boat docks, and walking trails. Enjoy the chance to take pictures of the great outdoors without the rush of people traditionally in the big city areas.

Browse Antique Stores

Small towns often have little antique stores or boutiques in the downtown area. Take a few minutes and spend some time looking for hidden treasures.

Have you ever spent a whole day in a small town city? What are your favorite things to do?

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