Holiday Memories with Grandma


This past weekend, our family gathered together to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Just like many of you, we had a houseful of guests that ranged in ages from 2 years all the way up to 95. It was a noisy atmosphere filled with lots of laughter and stories but Grandma and I still took a few minutes to sneak into the living room and do another video interview. I love hearing her talk about her memories of the holiday season.

hazel christmas memories 2

Holiday Memories with Grandma

Recording these memories from my grandmother’s generation is important to me and my family. I have recorded her talking about quilts and travel and can’t wait till our next visit. What do you think we should talk about next?

Great Grandma and Kids

A few years ago for one of Grandma’s birthday parties, some of my family members took a bunch of slides that Grandma had in her closet and put them on the computer so we could all enjoy them. I took a few minutes to look through them and found some of these photos of Grandma enjoying the Christmas season with her family.

hazel christmas memories 6
hazel christmas memories 7
hazel christmas memories 2007
hazel christmas memories 5
hazel christmas memories 4
hazel christmas memories 3
hazel christmas memories
hazel christmas memories 1

What Christmas memories do you share with your grandparents? I’d love to hear!

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