How to Make a Candy Wrapper Christmas Ornament

Do you have a favorite candy? I do! If you spend much time around me, you’ll know that my favorite candy is peanut M&M’s® – the yellow bag! I always have a bag when I travel and reach for a bag anytime life gets crazy or I just want a quick snack. A few years ago I decided I needed a special Christmas ornament to celebrate my favorite candy! Here is a simple Candy Wrapper Christmas ornament you can make and share on your Christmas tree.

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How to make a Candywrapper Christmas Ornament

Creating a Christmas ornament with candy wrappers is an easy project. It only takes about 30 minutes to turn your candy packages into the perfect candy wrapper Christmas ornament to celebrate the holidays.

Materials Needed

  • CandyWrappers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Cardboard Circle
  • Piece of Ribbon


  • Cut a 2 inch circle of cardboard.
  • Cut the candy wrappers into one inch squares
candywrapper ornament
  • Turn each of the one inch squares into a cone shape.
ornament 2
  • Tip: Use a pencil to help attach the glue inside each cone

ornament 4
  • Glue each of the cones to the cardboard circle
ornament 3
  • Continue to glue the cones all around the cardboard circle. Add a second layer behind the middle layer.

    Cut a piece of the candy wrapper to tape on the back of your cardboard circle

  • Attach a ribbon around the edge of the cardboard circle
ornament 5

    Usea a coke tab for the back of the candy wrapper Christmas ornament

mms ornament

You can click over here to see how to make this M&M’S candy wrapper tote bag.


What is your favorite candy? Have you ever used the candy wrappers to create something fun? I’d love to see!

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