Closet Upgrades for Mothers

If you are living a simple lifestyle where your favorite place to be is in the garden or out crafting something beautiful then you may forget the everyday items that you may need to upgrade. If you can’t remember the last time you bought yourself a new pair of summer sandals or travel bag for overnight adventures, then I’ve got some tips and recommendations to help you upgrade your essentials.

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Closet Upgrades for Mothers

Start with your Shoes

I am arguably one of the worst offenders when it comes to keeping my closet updated. It’s so easy to put ourselves way down on the list for a new pair of shoes or summer tops. If you’re not ready to tackle this on your own, then recruit the help of your teenage daughter or trusted family member or friend and do a deep dive in your closet.

Take a look at your shoes and decide if some of them are worn out and need to be replaced. If they no longer give you good support or have holes, it’s time to upgrade.

A simple pair of summer sandals is a great place to start. I recently received a pair of Mabel leather sandals from Empty Provisions. Designed in Somerville, Massachusetts, and created in Maine, Empty Provisions each purchase helps the local New England economy, keeps skilled craftspeople doing what they love, and preserves the art of shoemaking in the USA.

Overnight Travel Bag

Whether you’re heading out on a weeklong vacation or just planning a weekend trip to visit family, you need a bag to haul your stuff. Take a look at your travel bags and see if perhaps it’s time to do an upgrade. The Maui Overnight Bag can fit enough items for an overnight stay, or there’s plenty of room for your essentials. It comes with an adjustable and removable strap and has a double handle when the strap is not necessary. 

White Noise Machine

Do you enjoy enjoy listening to waves or want a fan running in your room while you sleep? Upgrade your sleep routine with the LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine that uses state-of-the-art technology to generate realistic fan sounds, white noises, and ocean sounds to help block noises so you can relax, concentrate, and fall asleep easier.


Give the gift of relaxation with a box of custom tea blends. Chariteas works with sustainable tea farms in order to craft custom blends and includes a set of teas from around the world to satisfy a craving for adventure that many of us have been missing. Chariteas is giving a platform to teas from other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

Moms often forget to do something special just for them. Take the time this season to upgrade your closet and celebrate the special women in your life! What are you most excited for to celebrate for Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear!

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