Beach Options for Not-So-Sunny Days

What do you do when you plan a trip to the beach only to find cloudy skies, seaweed in the ocean, and pop-up showers? Don’t be worried! There are always options for fun even if it’s not perfect, crystal clear water and beautiful cloudless skies! Here are some fun options to keep you and the family on target for fun memories and great adventures!

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Beach options for not-so-sunny days

Book a Dolphin Cruise

We have taken several dolphin cruises over the past year on the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise. Why is this a perfect option for not-so-sunny days? Most dolphin cruises are covered on the top floor, so even if you get a pop-up drizzle, you won’t get drenched. You may not see as many dolphins swimming by the boat, but you’ll enjoy a great cruise and see some beautiful water.

Climb a Lighthouse

When the weather got a little dreary on our recent beach vacation, we just headed over to the local lighthouse in Pensacola. We got some great exercise, a beautiful view, and a lasting memory.

Tour a Museum

Plan ahead and find a couple of optional museums you find interesting. Then if you end up with a cloudy day or even a major rainstorm, you will have an indoor option. We spent a great cloudy day at the Naval Aviation Museum since the ocean was full of seaweed one day.

National Naval Aviation Museum

Eat at a Restaurant with Atmosphere

Too often when we are on vacation, we used to just grab sandwiches and chips or eat at a quick chain restaurant. When the weather is iffy, it may be a great time to find the local fresh fish diner and eat something good. You might even find a restaurant that provides live music or a great atmosphere.

Do some beachcombing after the storm

Storms bring in all kinds of treasures. Sometimes the best shells can be found after a good storm has stirred up the water. Make sure you pack a sand bucket for each person – even the smallest member of the family.

Here are some options for displaying and preserving those seashell treasures! Here is my favorite way I have saved seashells from the beach.

When you plan a trip to the beach, you hope for sunshine, white puffy clouds and emerald ocean waters. But if you get dealt a little different weather, just get creative and make some memories anyway!

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