Hobbies, Collections and Things to Treasure

Everyone needs a hobby. We all need something that makes us smile, brings us joy and helps make life just plain fun! But hobbies look different for each person. Some people love the thrill of searching for the perfect piece of glassware or a themed collector set from a newly released movie. There are some people who will spend hours, days and maybe even years searching for the original parts for an automobile rebuild or restoration. Others prefer simpler hobbies like hiking or reading a book.
Whatever your hobby is, let’s find ways to celebrate these hobbies we treasure!

Hobbies, Collections, and Things to Treasure

Where are you in your life cycle?

Are you retired and have disposable income to use on your hobbies and collections? Do you have grown kids, which translates to room to display your newest find since there aren’t toys piled up in the family room? Or are you a young Mom with no time to call your own because of the demands of babies and toddlers? Depending on where you are in your age bracket, you may find that your desire for hobbies and collections changes.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to what each person should collect or what hobbies to pursue. Each person has to decide what he or she loves and then embrace that special thing that makes them happy.

Ask yourself what your hobbies are? Can you come up with an easy answer or is it a tough question? I have been thinking about this question a long time. What do I like to collect in this phase of my life? What are my hobbies?

It took a while for me to come up with the answer, but then I realized. I love collecting memories and photos. I have thousands of photos on my photo, on my hard drive, my computer, on my walls etc…. At this point in my life, I am passionate about collecting these fun memories and photos.

What are your priorities?

I used to love collecting Campbell’s soup mugs and dishes. I collected dozens of miniature pianos throughout high school, college and early adulthood. There was a time when I was working to finish full sets of all the vintage children’s books that I had grown up with. But then my interests and priorities changed. Right now, I’m not collecting those things.

I have three guidelines that I try to live by at this point in my life: If I don’t USE it, NEED it, or LOVE it, it doesn’t belong in my life.

Since collections and extra stuff don’t fit my personal life, then I don’t fill my house with those things. Instead, I love the simplicity that comes from a more minimalistic lifestyle and home décor style. That’s not to say that I won’t change and start collecting knick-knacks and fun stuff later. But right now, it is not one of my priorities.

What counts as a hobby?

Hobbies are things that enrich our lives and make life special. So what do you love? For me, I love walking! To some, that may seem silly, but I really enjoy going for walks in my backyard, walking on the treadmill while I blog or work or hiking a new trail.

I also love to take pictures. I have a DSLR camera that I rarely use. Instead, I use the camera on my phone and take dozens of pictures a day. For me, it’s not about learning the settings on a high-end camera so I can become a professional photographer; it’s about capturing the moment and the memory of wherever I am. That is one of my hobbies. I don’t have to take classes, study manuals or learn what ISO settings to use when I take a picture with my phone. I just work the angles, lighting, and backgrounds for what I can see through the screen. That works for me! It’s not what some would consider a major hobby, but it is what I find joy in doing.

Another hobby that I love is blogging. Yes, it’s my job; but it’s also something I absolutely love. When I pull out the computer at night while the family is watching a TV show, I have fun! It’s rewarding and it is enriching to me.

What are the things you just enjoy or spending your time doing? THAT is your hobby! Do you love to putter in your garden? Read a magazine or new book? Are you always on the hunt for a new piece to put in your curio cabinet? Do you love to scrapbook, work on a new quilt or create something out of a salvaged wood cabinet? The things that you love are the things that make life special!

So get out there today and celebrate your hobbies, collections and the things you treasure! I’d love to hear about your special hobbies!

Excerpts of this article appeared in the Advocate-Messenger.

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