Category: Pennsylvania

02 Jun

7 Things to See in Downtown Philadelphia

How do you create learning opportunities for the family without feeling like you are on an educational field trip? If you belong in the Williams family, you know that...

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14 Aug

Where to Stay, Eat, & Play in Erie PA

One of our favorite places on our Epic Road Trip this year was Erie, Pennsylvania. There’s just nothing more beautiful than enjoying dinner on the dock of the bay,...

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08 Aug

Why we Love Presque Isle State Park

Recently we took a trip up to Lake Erie, Pennsylvania and enjoyed spending some time at Presque Isle State Park. This was our visit to Lake Erie but now...

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11 Jul

Where to Eat in Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

When you visit a new area there are some basic questions that you must get answered. You need to know where to stay, where to eat and what to...

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15 Jul

Visiting Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg National Military Park is one of those historical Civil War landmarks that each American needs to visit. Not only was it the bloodiest battle of the Civil war...

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04 Jul

Visiting Valley Forge

How much do you know about Valley Forge? We’ve heard about it all our lives in elementary history class, but what can you actually tell me about Valley Forge?...

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