Where to Find Popeye in Arkansas

One of the fun parts of a road trip is looking for unique attractions and parks. Traveling through Arkansas in the small town of Alma, we found one of the most famous sailors – Popeye! This bronze statue is located in Popeye Park surrounded by fountains just waiting for discovery.

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Where to Find Popeye in Arkansas

There are other towns in the United States that claim to be the spinach capital of the world but Alma has kept him in the spotlight as a town centerpiece. The story is told that they had a paper mache statue of the Popeye that had begun to deteriorate so the town built a new Popeye landmark in 2007. In the center of the public park is a large fountain with a bronze Popeye holding his can of spinach. Each year in April they have an annual Spinach Festival to celebrate their love for this famous cartoon character.

Don’t miss the mural on the side of the park and take a few minutes to pose for fun pictures.

Where to Find Popeye

801 Fayetteville Ave
Alma, AR 72921

Do you look for public art, murals and gardens when you travel? What have you found recently? I’d love to hear!

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