Get Organized with Stuff you Usually Throw Away

Have you wanted to organize your house only to read about all the costs involved in buying the stuff the experts say you need? Sometimes it’s hard to get started organizing all the things we think are important because we get hung up on how expensive all the best containers and totes are. But have you thought about all the things you usually throw away that are perfect to help you get organized? Take a look at these recycled products and let’s get organized.

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Cheese Puff Containers

We don’t buy cheese puffs very often because we like them too much! But when we do buy them, I always save the big containers. These plastic jars are perfect for organizing your life in so many ways.

Organize Yarn:

If you use yarn to crochet or knit, they are perfect! I used them to hold yarn when I was knitting with jumbo needles using 4 different colors. They’re also perfect to store balls of yarn between projects.

Save plastic grocery bags

One of the aggravating things about grocery shopping is all the plastic bags you accumulate. Keep them all corraled by stuffing them in an empty cheese puffs container, milk jugs or even pringles can! Not only are you getting organized, but you are also doing your part to recycle.

Pretzel Peanut Butter Jars

Many people love peanut butter pretzels but throw away the containers when they are done. Reuse the containers and fill them with small toys, crayons or even popcorn.

Plastic Linen Bags

When you buy new sheets, blankets or bedding sets, save the zip up plastic bags they come in. These are perfect to store afghans when you finish crocheting, extra yarn, spare sheets for a guest bedroom, kids outgrown special tshirts or any other thousands of things you want to store in a container.

Real Life Tip: Use Googone to get the sticky residue off the plastic after you peel off the sticker!

Lunch Meat Containers

We all enjoy a turkey or roast beef sandwich, but don’t make the mistake of tossing the plastic lunch meat containers when you are done with the meat. Wash out the plastic bowls and save them for Christmas dinner when everyone wants to take home leftovers. Use them to store small tool bits when you are working on a project or let the kids use them for their next paint project. Since they have tops, they are perfect for packing crayons, batteries or toiletries.

Deli meat containers are also perfect for packing sandwiches for picnic lunches. You can pack two ziploc sandwiches in each plastic container.

What are some things you never throw away that some people think are trash? I’d love to hear your best tips!

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