30+ Pickle Recipes for Summer Harvest


Don’t you love summer days when the garden vegetables start coming in ripe? Right now it is harvest season in Kentucky which means we are enjoying fresh vegetables for snacks and dinner as well as preserving them for the winter. If you are experiencing a bumper crop of cucumbers, zucchini, onions, and other vegetables, then here are some ideas for making pickles with whatever you have!

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30+ Pickle Recipes for Summer Harvest

The easiest way to make pickles from cucumbers is to use a seasoning packet from Mrs. Wages. Just peel the cucumbers and cut them into spears. Mix the seasoning with water and vinegar and process them according to the package instructions.

*Tip: Measure how long each of the spears needs to be so you can fill the jars. Then can the smaller pieces that were left over after cutting the cucumbers for homemade dressing this November!

Another family favorite pickle recipe is red hot Cinnamon Pickles, These pickles take several days to make but they are worth it!

There are many ways to make pickles. You can use the cold pack method that makes refrigerator pickles like many people do or you can use a hot water bath canner so you can save them and enjoy them for months. Some people even make pickles with other vegetables. Whichever version you choose, take a few hours this week and make some pickles for your family!

Coldpacked Refrigerator Pickles

*No Canner Required

Hot Bath Canner Pickles

*Water Bath Canner required for Long Term Storage

Freezer Pickles

Other Pickled Vegetables

Cucumbers are not the only vegetables that are perfect for pickling! Branch out and pickle onions, peppers, mangos, tomatos, zuchini and almost anything you can imagine! Get inspired by these amazing recipes and make pickles so you can enjoy your garden produce all winter long!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cookier Instant Pot Beets

What is your favorite pickle recipe? I’d love to hear and see pictures!

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  1. I adore pickles!! I love this comprehensive list of recipes all in one place, so thank you! FYI, on the pink peppercorns: they are related to cashews so anyone with a nut allergy needs to be aware if they’re added to pickles. It’s not a well known fact, but very dangerous so I like to share wherever I can (my daughter almost died from eating something with a four blend pepper in the dish.)

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