8 Ways to Reuse Magazines


Alot of people love to browse magazines. They look for ideas, inspiration, tips and coupons. But when you are done with them, what happens next? We always recycle our magazines by giving them to family and friends or dropping them in the recycle buckets. Sometimes we use them for school projects or simple picture collage crafts.  Here are some fun ideas to reuse magazines and create some great memories!

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Options to Reuse Magazines

8 Ways to Reuse Magazines

10 Craft Ideas

  • Favecrafts has the top 10 ideas for crafts using old magazines.

Heart Punch Crafts

  • Use your scrapbook heart punch to make some creative Valentines Cards out of magazine pages.

Easy craft projects for kids

  • Let the kids make jigsaw puzzles, funny people collages, silly pictures and more with these ideas.

Create Valentine’s Day Decorations

  • Cut out magazine pages into heart shapes and create a festive Valentine’s Day Garland.
Reuse Magazines

Turn magazines into simple, elegant jewelry

  • If you have time and patience, you can roll the paper and create some beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Make Envelopes

Use them for Firestarters

  • Roll them up and use a rubber band to create firestarter logs.

Donate to Art Class for Collage Pictures

  • Donate them to your local classroom for collage pictures and crafts.

What do you do with your used magazines? I’d love to hear!

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