Easter Basket Ideas for Moms

When the kids are little, Easter baskets are easy. Pack a basket with plastic grass, tuck in a fun stuffed animal, a chocolate rabbit, and a couple of little things like silly string, stretchy animals, or a slinky, and you are set. But have you ever thought about creating Easter baskets for Moms? Today, I’m sharing some creative things to tuck in Easter baskets for the ladies who do it all. Let’s celebrate the Moms in our lives with some fun gift ideas!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Moms

When you start thinking about an Easter basket for Moms, take some time to think about what she needs and enjoys.

If your Mom loves to garden, then drop in a new book that will encourage and give her great ideas for a new garden bed. One of the misconceptions about gardening is that you need a large yard or farm to grow beautiful flowers or vegetables. Even people who live in urban settings, apartments, or downtown city condos can love gardening.

Whether you want to grow on a balcony, rooftop, front stoop, or a tiny urban patio, turn your growing dreams into reality and build a gorgeous and unique garden that showcases your personal style while still being functional and productive. With the ingenious ideas and resourceful tactics found here, you’ll be maximizing yields and beauty from every square inch of your space, while also making a lush outdoor living area you’ll crave spending time in.

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Give the Gift of Rest

One of the things that all Moms need is good, solid rest. It’s not always convenient to have fresh clean sheets every single night. But with a simple spritz of essential oils, you can settle your mind and lull yourself to sleep. Simply spray 2 – 3 mists over the pillow and linens before bedtime and you’re in for a full night’s rest!

Replace Hair Care Tools

When is the last time your Mom bought a new hairbrush, dryer, or new hair products? Honestly, this is one of the things that often gets neglected. Pick up a new hairbrush or product and drop it in a basket as a treat. The Sisi Spray N’ Style brush comes with interchangeable bottles so you can have one for your detangling products, another for your leave-in conditioner, and another for pre-heat treatments. The innovative curved brush head with a mix of boar hair bristles and nylon pins glide through hair to detangle with ease and pain-free.

Step up her Snack Game

Many moms are busy and rely on the same old snacks to fuel her day. Give her some snacks that provide some better nutrition while tasting amazing.

Personal story: I have never eaten plantain chips but was willing to try them when Congo Plantain reached out to me. We are now hooked on these snacks and are ordering more this week! And the dark cocoa bars is some of the best dark chocolate we’ve had in a long time!

Bring healthy and exotic to your pantry with Congo Tropicals’ Plantain Chips! Plantains are sugar-free vegetables found in tropical regions. Nutritionally high in fiber, potassium, energy, and low in cholesterol, plantain chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips. Containing an abundance of vitamins and minerals, they are truly the hidden superfood.

Give Something Green

Most moms love growing things in their homes. So give a succulent or a brand new start of herbs in a little terracotta pot so she can watch it grow in her kitchen window.

What gifts do you think the moms in your life would like to receive in an Easter basket? Got any fun ideas? I’d love to hear!

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