Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial


One of the great ways to learn about the Presidents of the United States is to visit their historical sites. Last spring, we were in Washington DC right as the cherry blossoms were showing off their beauty.  We had the opportunity to visit the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial located on the shore of the beautiful Tidal Basin.

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franklin d roosevelt memorial

Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial

The best way to get to the Roosevelt Memorial is to ride public transportation into the city and then walk to the Memorials and Monuments. But if you do need to park your car, get some parking tips here.

The FDR Memorial is approximately half mile between the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Thomas Jefferson’s Monument. On a beautiful spring day in Washington DC, this is a perfect place to take a walk and learn about our 32nd President.

The Memorial for Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, was dedicated in 1997 and tells the story of his time in office through a series of four outdoor rooms.

One of our favorite sculptures was the one showing the President alongside his dog Fala.

Roosevelt Memorial and his dog Fala

Another sculpture shows a scene from the Great Depression, with a man listening to a fireside chat on the radio and the men waiting in a bread line.

Roosevelt Memorial - Fireside Chat

Each of the sculptures provides an opportunity to discuss the events during his presidency from 1933 until 1945.

Great Depression Memorial Roosevelt Memorial Washington DC

Walk a little farther over and you will find a bronze statue of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt standing before the United Nations emblem. Fun fact: This is the only presidential memorial honoring a First Lady.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Washington DC

Fun tip: Did you know Roosevelt served as President for 12 years?

While you are enjoying the FDR Memorial, take the time to appreciate the views of the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial!

Jefferson Memorial from the shore of the Tidal Basin

Have you visited Washington DC and walked to each of the Memorials and Monuments? Which of the monuments is your favorite?

If you are planning a trip to the Capital, you probably have some questions of how to navigate the Washington DC METRO!

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