How Stickers Can Save your Vacation

We’ve all been there! Out on vacation at a special restaurant and the kids, teens and even adults are hungry, antsy and getting cranky. Maybe you’ve been in the car on a family road trip running out of things to talk about with all the snacks just about gone and nothing new to do. There are lots of ways to save your sanity and rescue your vacation but one of the simplest, most affordable things that every parent needs to have in their bag are something you may not have thought about. Here are a few simple ways that stickers can save your vacation.

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How Stickers Can Save your Vacation

How Stickers Can Save your Vacation

Stickers are a fun, cheap option that people often forget about when it comes to planning vacations. But with these five options, you will be set to enjoy your next road trip – all with a little help from some simple stickers!

In the Vehicle

We’ve all been in the car when the dreaded question comes up “Are we there yet?” I’ve heard of some families who wrap a surprise bag full of little presents, goodies and stickers to open up at each milestone along the route. You could give each child a small notebook and let them fill the pages with stickers as you drive to your destination.

Play Car Games
There are tons of games to play in the car. Some of our favorite have always been “and then” where one person starts a story, tells a few details and then says “and then”. The next person picks up on the story and keeps weaving the tale. The story keeps being passed from one person to the next till the adventure is unrecognizable and you just have to find a way to say “the end.”

License plate sticker book

Another classic car game is car bingo. You can make your own or use these one of these free printables.

At the Restaurant

Whether your kids are 3 or 13 or you’re more concerned with yourself, coloring stickers are a great way to pass the time while you are waiting for your food to arrive. Just remember to put a few gel pens and these coloring stickers in your purse so you are ready for the wait.

coloring stickers and gel pens

Tip: When you’re traveling, pack your stickers in a zippered plastic bag so they stay contained and ready when you need them.

When Weather Changes your Plans

I can remember vacations when we had planned to spend the day outside and the weather turned cold or rainy. Sure, we typically keep going even when the weather turns nasty, but sometimes you do find yourself spending more time inside a hotel room than you expect. Pack some surprise stickers in the suitcase so you can bring out something fun when the kids get antsy.

Rainy Day sticker activities

Save Money on Souvenirs

Planning a vacation to an amusement park, zoo or even Disney? Buy stickers ahead of time and keep them a secret in your suitcase till you get there. Then on the day you plan to go to that event, surprise the kids with special stickers on their breakfast table.

Tip: Make sure you keep your stickers stored in a definite spot like these little stackable tote boxes. There’s nothing worse than going for your sticker collection and finding them all bent, wrinkled and stuck to each other.

Store your stickers in a box

How do you use stickers on your vacations? Have you ever found yourself in a time where stickers saved your road trip? I’d love to hear!

Looking for more ideas for your next road trip? Take a look at these tips for planning your next family road trip.

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