Fall into Autumn Cross Stitch Project

My friend Lynn loves to create beautiful gifts and handmade treasures for her family and friends. I knew exactly who to send it to. Even though it’s hot and muggy outside right now, Lynn is already planning fall and winter gifts! She started working on this Fall into Autumn Cross Stitch Project.

Fall into Autumn Cros Stitch Project

The colors of this embroidery floss are perfect for a Fall project. With small kids and a busy schedule, sometimes people forget to take a few minutes each day to do something creative. Lynn found a small project that fit the fall colors and would allow her to enjoy a thing of beauty without demanding months of her life.

Embroidery Floss


Beginning a Cross-stitch project
Beginning a Cross-stitch project

When doing any cross stitch project, remember to find your center before you begin. This same practice is true in any project you are doing that requires you to center a slogan or pattern. I personally learned this while helping my Mom do Kindergarten bulletin boards when I was a young teenager.

Fall into Autumn
Fall into Autumn
Fall into Autumn

This is a beautiful way to prepare for the changing seasons. If you wait till September to start a project about Fall, you will already be behind. Start planning now for the upcoming seasons!

Thanks Lynn for sharing this Fall into Autumn Cross Stitch Project.

Do you enjoy cross stitch? I would love to see more of your creations and hear your best tips!

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  1. My mom always cross stiched. I always wanted to learn how without using the premade ones that have the x’s done for you. I am not that talented.

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