Yarn Projects for Fall (No Crochet Required)

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I recently had a friend tell me that she has a huge stash of yarn and no idea how to use it! She had tried to learn to crochet and knit and it just didn’t take! So now here she is, with beautiful yarn taking up space and no easy way to turn it into something amazing! Well, that sounded like a fun challenge to me! What can you create with yarn when you don’t know how to crochet? Hang on folks! I’ve got some fun fall yarn projects for the weekend – no crochet hook required!

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Yarn Projects for Fall when You Can’t Crochet

Fall is a great time to use Yarn to decorate! Well actually, every season is perfect for yarn crafts, but today let’s focus on pumpkins, candy corn and Fall decor!

Yarn Pumpkins

My most recent yarn project is No Sew, No Glue Yarn Pumpkins! These DIY pumpkins look alot like the ones you will find in crafty decor stores but they don’t cost a penny (except for your yarn!). Just grab some bubble wrap, a yarn needle and your favorite fall yarn and get started.

Full directions here

Yarn Needed:

Each of these crafts has various materials needed but they all require yarn. If you’re going to create fall decor using yarn, you need fall-colored yarn. Look for orange, brown, white, and yellow yarn throughout the year so you’ll be ready to create something amazing when the season is right!

Yarn Crafts for Fall Decor

Check out these super fun fall decorations using your favorite autum-themed yarn!

What are you creating to get your house decorated for Fall? Are you using yarn to craft something amazing? I’d love to see!

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