Yahoo Falls & Stone Arch: Whitley City, Kentucky


Recently our family took some time to go exploring one of our favorite hiking trails in Kentucky. With all the recent rains, we were hopeful that Yahoo Falls would be beautiful, and we were not disappointed! We also did some exploring and discovered the Stone Arch Trail. This is our third natural stone bridge that we have explored here in Kentucky! Now we’re on a mission to find more!


Yahoo Falls & Stone Arch: Whitley City, Kentucky

Yahoo Falls is not the largest falls in Kentucky but it is one of the most spectacular hikes! You get to hike down behind the falls and explore the caves and boulders at the base of the falls. The 113 foot falls isn’t always flowing this full but on this hike, it was gorgeous!


Yahoo Falls

Some hiking trails only give you one particular type of trail, but this trail gives you the chance to hike through the woods, up many steps, and explore under the overhanging rocks. This is a great place to make memories and enjoy some time outside.


1 mile looped trail, provides access and good view of 113 ft Yahoo Falls, passes behind the falls under one of the largest rock shelters in the area, trail is easy but has 1 steep set of metal steps

Yahoo Falls is in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area, near Whitley City, Kentucky. From Kentucky 27, head west on 700 for 4 miles.

Located 1 hour from Corbin, KY

Stone Arch Trail


The Stone Arch trail is accessible from the Yahoo Falls loop trail. It is a .8 mile one way trail out to the Stone Arch. You then return to the Yahoo Falls Loop trail. Total hike from the trail head out to the arch and back around the loop trail is under 2 miles.

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There’s something about climbing over rocks and exploring rough trails that definitely appeals to all of us! Have you been out exploring recently? I’d love to see and hear about your adventures with the family!

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