Yahoo Falls, Kentucky


A few months ago, my family and I took a small road trip to discover one of the hidden treasures of Kentucky. Yahoo Falls may not be as popular as Cumberland Falls, but the hike was well worth our time. We have visited twice this past year and are always impressed by the rock shelters, and the area down under the falls. We went back again in December and enjoyed a whole different hiking experience.


Yahoo Falls

Some hiking trails only give you one particular type of trail, but this trail gives you the chance to hike through the woods, up many steps, under the overhanging rocks. This is a great place to make memories and enjoy some time outside.

1 mile looped trail, provides access and good view of 113 ft Yahoo Falls, passes behind the falls under one of the largest rock shelters in the area, trail is easy but has 1 steep set of metal steps

Located 1 hour from Corbin, KY

Hiking at Yahoo Falls
Hiking at Yahoo Falls


yahoo falls hiking


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