Are you an aspiring writer…. but don’t have the money or time to really pursue your passion? Here’s a few ways to pursue this hobby without spending money.

Why not enter a free, low-entry, essay contest? I just googled for free essay contest and got tons of results.

Find a blog that is writing about something you are passionate about and volunteer to write a guest post. You can google your subject with the word blog. You will probably get hundreds of results. Take a look at several of the blogs then just volunteer. Most bloggers would love to work with guest writers. This would give you an outlet for writing and start to build name recognition.

Buy a journal and a pen. This doesn’t have to cost alot of money. Just go to the Dollar Tree or Big Lots and buy a notebook for a couple dollars and an ink pen or pencil that you enjoy writing with. I have talked to several budding writers who insist that they only ‘get inspired’ when they sit down with a brand new sharpened pencil or particular kind of pen.

Consider blogging There are personal blogs about everything from grandkids, cooking, travel, exercise, family……. You can build a blog in less than 20 minutes and just start writing. WordPress and Blogger offer blogs for FREE of course. This would be a great place to just start writing.

Whatever you do… just get started writing!

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  1. and I agree…. I never thought I would write a blog, but just kind of fell into this hobby. It is a fun way to share our thoughts and ideas with friends and family!

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