Worst Hobby Fiascos – by you!

Last year I posted about my experience with a circular saw and a dryer. When I ended up with a 4 inch cut in the dryer, I earned myself the privilege of forever being teased about the one of a kind dryer from my family. But after reading the comments on that post recently, I realized that I’m really not alone in the royal world of Hobby related Fiascos!

What is a fiasco?

Wikipedia defines it as an absolute, abject or utterly humiliating failure. Hmmm….. I think that word is a great description of some of these experiences.

Most Recent 5 Reader Related Fiascos

Here’s 5 of the comments from that post that are well worth reading. Maybe you have a hobby fiasco you’d like to share! I’d love to hear! You just might get featured on the next edition of worst hobby fiascos!

From Pam:
I must admit, I’m a little afraid of circular saws. My favorite fiasco occurred in shop class. I was using the large, automatic sander on a small piece of wood. I guess I didn’t have a tight enough grip and the slab swept out of my hand and across the room, whizzing right past my teacher’s head. He was not amused, and the rest of the class were none too happy when he took over the responsibility of sanding all 100 of my wood pieces (we were constructing a wooden mobile) while everyone else sanded their own.

From Jill:
If it makes you feel any better, I had a contractor once use my two couches for saw horses when I wasn’t home and he ended up sawing the back of one completely in half. Can you say FIRED!!!!

From Victoria
Thank goodness,that the dryer wasn’t hurt… I did a painting job in my bathroom,well,after spending all day in there painting,then the next day,my son,hand put a dirty hand on the wall,so I washed it off… Yup you guess it.the paint washed off as well… Needless to say,I was kind of upset.,so when my husband came home from camping,he said that it was a nice surprise,but,he had to repaint the whole bathroom…Well, lets just say,I now know that I have to use primer paint first,then paint…OOOPPs…:)

From Kathy
Good one! I was wrapping Christmas gifts once when I was a little girl. I was so proud of myself because no one was helping me and I was doing a pretty good job! So when I went to put away all the gift wrapping supplies, there it was. . . an 8 inch cut in my parent’s comforter! Yes I had been wrapping gifts on their bed! OOPS!!

From Elaine
I am good at slicing the extension cord when using the hedge trimmer. So far I haven’t cut clear through the cord, so I haven’t been electricuted yet!

Have you ever had a hobby turn sour on you? Share please! That will give us all a little hope that not all of us are experts everytime! We all make mistakes!

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