Woodworking Tips

Being able to create and build a masterpiece from pieces of wood is more than a hobby -it’s a craft. Buying all the tools and supplies you need can start to add up to some serious money. But there are ways to enjoy building with wood without breaking your budget. Here are a few woodworking tips that may get you started saving money and still being creative.

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Woodworking tips

Reuse and Reclaim

Hobbies on a Budget reader Rob sent me this tip: Recycle wood for small projects. I have gotten a lot a usable wood from old mattress frames, pallets, panel doors, and even a piano. A little bit of destruction work and some cleanup and you can get a ton of useable wood. The best part is that the wood stays out of the landfill. Cost for reused wood? FREE

Buy Oops Paints and Stains

Lowes regularly has paint that has been mixed wrong – thus the name “oops paint”.  My friend Sherry was able to buy paint for her kitchen for $5.00 a gallon instead of $23.00!  Now that’s real savings!

If you don’t see the paint beside the paint counter, just ask the sales associate.  They should know what you’re talking about.  A mistake for them – big possible savings for you!

Use Coupons

If you are planning to do any shopping at Lowes (or Home Depot), you may want to consider this. We have gone on Ebay and purchased Lowes 10% coupons several different times because it has saved us lots of money!

By doing a quick search on Ebay, we were able to find a group of 10% coupons for less than $10.  We recently saved $88 on a project ourselves and were able to pass on a couple to family members where they were able to save close to $100 on their purchase.

If you’re planning to do any home improvement projects, this may be beneficial.

Before you make your purchase on Ebay (or any online store), make sure you sign up at Mr Rebates first.  (It is FREE to sign up and you get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up.  Then you will get 3% for every ebay purchase you make!  Read here for details on the Mr Rebates program.)

Are you a woodworker? How do you save money when building? I’d love to hear and share your tips!

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  1. I’ve used Oops Paint – someone else’s oops is a win for me. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. I am SO glad I read this! I want to building shelves and we also are getting new couches so I could use the wood in the old couches! and I didn’t know there was oops paint that can be purchased. Sweet. Thanks!

  3. My son and daughter-in-law have found some great colors of paint in the oops section…just keep checking back often. $5 a can is a steal.

  4. What terrific ideas for cost savings & reusing/green-friendly suggestions. I am just beginning simply, small home renovations

  5. i save lots of money on the oops paint! just last month in fact, i was looking for a flat white wall paint, the regular price was $34.00! so as i was looking around i saw the “oops wrong color” shelf, and there was the same paint, in a white/slightly grey base for $5.00!. it was almost indistinguishable! i snatched that right up!

  6. Don’t forget that when you buy “oops” paint, it may have been sitting there for a little bit so have them put the paint can back in the mixer for a minute or two and Voila! good as new!

  7. We are absolute believers in Reuse and Reclaim. It’s amazing how much you can save in construction costs when you are very careful to use every bit.

  8. I bought an oops paint to paint my bedroom. On the can it looked like a nice blue, on the wall it was a pastel purple! Thank goodness that my boyfriend at the time was color blind and thought that the room was blue!

  9. wow thank you for the great tips these are great idea i’ll have to try them i never knew home depot had coupons =}

  10. I have purchased the paints that are oopsies, but never a stain. I’m needing to do a table outside so I’m going to check at Lowe’s.

  11. These are great tips. We also check out craigs list for bargains and the local salvage wearhouse.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  12. We us the ReStore also– What great finds–sometimes things we were even looking for–my other favorite place is the second hand stores–many times they have give away bends that I have reclaimed out of–and we have a neighborhood swap–my favorite of all is the FREE CYCLE– its is a community of people that just give things away– OH MY GOSH–when I need to get rid of things after a yard sale its the best– someone always comes and reclaims my curdside giveaways–I love–it stays out of the dump and someelse is using something they may need badly– I have found tons of great things,wood,tirers, paint–ect.

  13. I am a big bargain hunter and I didn’t know about the oops paint!! That would be a great bargain so thanks for the tip!!

  14. Definitely not a woodworker, but I love the oops paint! Unfortunately it’s usually not enough for the project I’m doing

  15. Thank you for the money saving tips, I had no idea they had paint that was mixed wrong that they sell for such good prices

  16. My daughter used to work in the paint dept. at Lowe’s and “oops paint” was always a great buy!

  17. Thats how I got my kitchen paint because somehow it was mixed wrong so we got it for a discounted price and then I had $5 off that brand and got paint for my kitchen for under $4.

  18. This is the one craft I wish I had talent in. My brother makes the most amazing things from scraps of wood and my dad does too but I don’t have that talent. That being said, I’ll pass your tips along to them! Thanks!

  19. Thanks for telling us about the “oops” paint. I am getting ready to paint my kitchen and bath. I will have to check it out.

  20. the paints that they mess up the colors are the best, plus couponms on top of they make them great thats how i just did my daughters room

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