Ideas for Wood Pallet DIY Projects

Have you ever driven past a pile of old wood pallets and thought they could be something amazing, but you just didn’t know what? Some of my friends and other bloggers have been using pallets and reclaimed wood pieces to create things of beauty.

Ideas for Wood Pallet DIY Projects

Wooden pallets are a great source of wood that has already been treated and cut to specific measurements, making them easy to use for many projects. You may be able to find fallen trees and scraps of lumber from other woodworking projects, as well as old fences that can also be recycled for your project.

Whether you are ready to make a planter or a sign to help decorate your house, we’ve got some great ideas and tutorials.

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  1. That’s exactly how we came across our pallets! Just this last weekend when we were out driving.
    I’ve come online looking for ideas about what to do with them and I really like the idea youve posted of them turned upside down and filled with soil for growing plants, or as a garden walkway! Gives me something to think about… thanks!

  2. Wow! I’m super inspired by all your wonderful pallet creations! I’m hoping to build my own raised garden bed out of old pallet wood soon, do you have any recommendations on refreshing the wood a bit? I like the classic silver look of pallets but I’d like something a little different..

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