Women in High Def – Book Review

Do you ever feel like you’re living life in a fog? You enjoy your family, your work, and your life, but you feel like maybe there should be more? In this new book Women in High Def: Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity, author Diane Markins tackles this issue head on. She gives a series of brief, 2 page stories that tell how individual women realized there was something missing in their life. These are personal stories that hit all aspects and seasons of life. Each of the chapters has a Bible verse and a prayer to help personalize the message.

There are 10 general categories: Beauty of Health, Humor, Security, Purposeful Pursuits, Me Time, Friendship, Restoration and Respect, Love, The Nest, and Supernatural Intimacy.

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About the book

Women are as unique as snowflakes or butterflies, but after surveying hundreds of them, writer and radio host Diane Markins learned that the top needs they feel are the same. She also began hearing a recurring theme: I want more! I want to be better! I want to be bold!

Women In High Def aims to propel women out of a low-def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur. The profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts and coaching elements work together to catapult women into living fearlessly for God…being bolder moms, having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence, lovin themselves with gusto, laughing with abandon, transforming mistakes into blasts of blessings and bravely seeking the Lord in all His majestic glory. the bonus Bible study at the back of the book points them to scripture to gain Biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play

About the Author

Diane Markins writes and speaks in a “high def, authentic style” about issues that impact daily living. She inspires and challenges people to live boldly, as she does… for God, as a wife, mom, businesswoman, speaker and writer. Married to her high school sweetheart in 1979, Brad Markins, Diane has two adult children and 3 grandbabies.

You can read Diane’s blog here.

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I received a copy of this book for the purpose of the review

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  1. Love the site. It helps women find something interesting to do as they pursue Me Time! Thanks so much for including my book. Bold Blessings, Diane

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