Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery

Adventure doesn’t always require a long-distance road trip across the country. Sometimes you can find adventure just down the road. Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is located at the bottom of the Cumberland Dam in Jamestown KY and is a great stretch break if you are traveling south on 127. There is a visitor center with fish tanks, interactive exhibits with buttons to push and flaps to lift. Take 30 minutes or 3 hours to feed the fish, discover fun and spend time outdoors on Lake Cumberland.

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Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery

Start your visit at the free Visitor Center where you can find snakes, turtles, fish, and even a skunk. Learn the history of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery and learn about the wildlife that lives in the Lake Cumberland region.

Once you finish going through the Visitor Center, you can walk through the fish hatchery building where they are growing trout from eggs.

Once you walk outside you will walk through a huge area with rows of trout at different stages of growth. Make sure you spend $1.00 on a bag of fish food while in the Visitors Center. You will definitely want to feed the fish as you walk around the hatchery containers.

Come face to face with the regions trout, explore karst terrain, and see our exhilarating exhibit hall! Much more awaits the entire family in a fun and engaging educational journey at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery! Visitors are welcome to tour the hatchery, Visitor/Environmental Education Center, and to fish in the creek! Hatchery grounds are open 365 days a year while the Visitor/Environmental Education Center remains open 364 days annually (only closing on Christmas Day). FREE visitation! Make plans today to get connected with nature at Wolf Creek NFH!

Find Wolf Creek Hatchery

50 Kendall Rd
Jamestown, KY 42629

There is no cost for admission.

What a great place to visit.  Have you been here before? I’d love to hear your favorite ‘stretch breaks’ on the local back roads of our nation!

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