How to transition from Winter to Summer

Most of us know to stock up on the essentials before winter snow storms and ice shut us down for days at a time; but have you thought about how important it is to reassess your supplies and make sure you are ready for Summer? The warm weather presents different challenges than the snow and ice, so now’s the time to make the transition from winter preparedness to summer readiness!

How to transition from Winter to Summer 1

How to transition from Winter to Summer

Check Expiration Dates:

We typically make sure we have some canned soups and dried goods like rice and beans stocked back before winter starts. But we don’t always end up using all that food. Now that the threat of snow and ice is over, it’s time to check the expiration dates and make sure we use up anything that is getting close to the use-by date.

Restock the Batteries:

Warm weather often brings the threat of storms and power outages. Check your batteries and make sure the flashlights and batteries are ready. Keep candles, matches and lighters in an easy to access place.

Refill the First Aid Kit:

Once the family starts spending time outdoors, there is the possibility of poison ivy, mosquito bites, bee stings and splinters. Check the first aid kit and make sure you have everything on hand for those minor medical issues.

Switch out the Clothes:

As you start storing back winter sweaters and coats, make sure you check for stains and tears. See if they are still the right sizes for the kids and determine if they are worth keeping or should be donated.

When you pull out the summer clothes, check flip flops and sandals for loose straps that are no longer safe to wear.
Look through the shorts, tshirts and shoes to make sure everything is in good shape and still fits.

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Get ready for bugs:

Warm weather brings out flies, bees and mosquitoes. Think about how you plan to combat insects in your house and yard. Do you need to spray your yard? Are you out of insect repellant?

Gardens and Tools:

Pull out the garden tools and equipment. Is there rust on your shovels or cobwebs in your trimmer? Do you need to oil the shears or replace your shovel? Double check your tools and equipment to make sure everything is ready for gardening season.

You may find that some of your yard ornaments or flower pots need a fresh coat of paint. Now is the time to do the prep work so your gardens will be ready for warmer weather.

If you love to can the produce from your garden, check your canning jars. Do they need to be cleaned? Do you still
have plenty of lids? Get your canning supplies out and prepared for gardening season.

Get your Watering Options Ready:

Some areas of the country are regularly effected by water shortages. Can you install a rain barrel now so you will have plenty of water for your gardens when the summer droughts start?

Stock the Freezer:

Most kids love popsicles when the weather heats up. Start looking now for the perfect ice pops that your kids can snack on when they come in out of the heat.

Don’t forget the pets:

As the weather gets warmer and pets spend more time outside, don’t forget to check their flea and tick protection options. We use the Seresto collar for our Yorkie to keep fleas from being a pest. Whatever option you choose, make sure your dog is ready for the outside.

And don’t forget to offer water options for your pets when they spend time in the yard.

What other tips do you have for getting ready for Summer and making sure you are prepared? I’d love to hear!

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