Winter Greenhouse January Update


The last weekend of October I set up a basic unheated greenhouse so I could grow flowers and vegetables throughout the winter month. Each month I have been updating you so you can see how the greenhouse experiment is going. I’ve had some wins and a few failures but I’m loving the process of growing things through these cold months of winter in Kentucky. Here is my monthly update so you can see and learn from this greenhouse adventure.

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Winter Greenhouse January Update

My rose cutting is living! There’s actually new growth. I’ve been keeping it under a plastic cheese puffs container so it has a 2nd layer of protection through the cold snaps.

The lettuce is not doing as well as I had hoped. It has grown and I’ve been able to cut it for one salad but it’s just not doing amazing. I wonder if the tray is too shallow? Or maybe I need to put it up a shelf instead or on the other side of the greenhouse?

The celery is doing great! This is my first time to grow celery from the stalk and I’m super impressed with it’s progress. I think I may need to transplant it this month so it has a deeper pot.

My biggest success so far is my pansies. I bought one tray in the clearance section of Lowes the first week of November and they now fill up multiple pots. I love watching them grow and bloom. Pansies have such cheery faces even in the middle of the winter.

My carrots are growing but they are super slow and very small. I’m not sure if I will actually harvest anything from them but I’m hoping still.

Do you have a winter greenhouse? I’m already getting ready for next month when I may start my seedlings for summer gardening. Got any tips or ideas for helping keep it warm this winter without a real heatsource?

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