Why photography should be #1 Hobby!

I think everyone should have photography as their #1 hobby! I know that’s a strong statement, but I really believe it! Here’s why I think everyone should be a photographer!

Why Photography Should be #1 Hobby

Everyone needs to share experiences and build relationships.
It doesn’t matter if you are a family of 1 or a family unit of 5, each person is experiencing life and needs to remember and share their experiences.

I have an extended family member who has spent the last 4 years living in multiple countries. She has experienced castles, flowers, historic sites, and amazing sights, annoying weather and everyday highs and lows that all of us have been able to share because she took pictures and posted them on the internet for us. We didn’t have to be there with her across the ocean to share in her life. This has helped us build memories and strengthen relationships.

Pictures Preserve Memories
Kids don’t always remember all of the experiences they have when they are young. But pictures give us a starting point to talk about the things we have done together as a family. There are things that I experienced as a young child that I don’t remember. But my parents took pictures so we can talk and reminisce about the ‘old days’ and the things we experienced together.

Photography really only cost money one time. After you shell out the money for a camera, you can get by with very limited printing. Thanks to email, facebook and blogs, people are able to see what you have done and share in the experience almost instantly.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and go take pictures of your life! Make sure you remember to share your pictures with us here at Hobbies on a Budget. We want to see what you are experiencing!

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