What’s your favorite hobby?

We all have hobbies! My hobbies have changed as I go from one season of life to another. Right now I love reading a good book, working with my flowers in the garden and of course my favorite hobby – Blogging!

But I want to know! What’s your hobby?

Do you love to work with fabric, yarn, wood or paper? Are you a collector with an out-of-this-world number of items in your collection? Do you paint an unusual subject? Do you enjoy a hobby I’ve never even heard of?

I want to know! I have sent out emails to everyone from President Obama and the governor of our state, to Ashley Judd, Oprah and some of the biggest bloggers on the web asking what they enjoy doing for their hobbies. I need to hear from you to add to my list!

Why not take a minute and leave a comment telling me what you love to do! I’d love to hear! Then be watching in a few days for the HUGE list showing the most popular hobbies! Will your favorite hobby be in the top 10?

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  1. I tend to rotate hobbies, but the one I always stick with is reading books. I love reading romances. Right now I’m a paranormal romance junkie 🙂

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