What’s Growing in my Yard this week?

I love seeing the new flowers that keep on growing and blooming unexpectedly. When we moved in to our home last year we knew there were some rose bushes but didn’t know if they would make it this year. They were seriously overgrown and in need of pruning. Since I know almost nothing about roses, I was nervous that I might have killed them. But these roses proved that they can grow into something beautiful even if I didn’t know what I was doing.

What’s Growing in my Yard this week?

roses 1
roses 2
roses 3
roses 4
natalie and rose 5-26
rose in vase
roses may 26 1

Then I looked over around the old barn and found these gorgeous hollyhocks breaking out in bloom! I’m guessing it will be covered in blooms in the next few days!

Love seeing new flowers grow and bloom!#hollyhocks #hollyhock #flowers #flowerstagram #spring

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I’ve got several of the yellow lilies blooming just this morning as well!

yellow lily

You can see more of my Online Flower Journal 2015 by clicking here!

What do you have growing in your yard? I’d love to see!

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  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful pictures! Still working on learning what I can do with my camera. I am inspired to go out and take more pictures.

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