What to Expect at the Ark Encounter

Have you heard of the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky? Whether you go because you love to explore unusual places or want to learn about Noah’s Ark and the global flood that took place thousands of years ago, a trip to the Ark Encounter is worth the trip and definitely bigger than you imagine!

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Visiting the Ark Encounter

Arrive Early

I recommend that you get there as early as possible so you can be in the first group to enter the Ark experience. You will be able to park closer to the shuttle terminal and have less time spent in lines. The other advantage to arriving early is that it will not be as hot to walk to the Ark after you get off the the shuttle.

Parking & Shuttle Info

When you arrive, you will park in the large parking lot, get your tickets or arm band and board a shuttle to take you to the Ark. **Parking costs $10.00 per car.

There are no restrooms available in the parking area but there are port-a-pots available.

Be Ready to Walk

The Ark Encounter is definitely bigger than you expect. Make sure you are ready to get some steps in while you are there. ***You may rent strollers, wheelchairs or electric carts for the day when you arrive.

When you leave the shuttle, you will be dropped off at the Visitors Center area where you can find restrooms, shop in the Gift Shop and buy snacks if you are hungry. Then you are ready to start your walk to the Ark. If it is raining, bring an umbrella because the walkway is not covered.

Charge your Phone/Camera

Along the walk way to the Ark, you will have some great photo opps. Take your time and snap lots of pictures!

Take Your Time

When you arrive at the Ark, you will walk up a series of ramps and begin your tour. The music is perfectly themed to give you the sense of excitement as you enter the Ark.

Read & Snap Pictures

There are many signs along the way talking about the displays, the history and the details. Read as many of the signs as you can, but feel free to snap a picture of the signs and read them later. There is so much information, that you won’t be able to take it all in with one visit.

Plan Your Day

The tour through the Ark will take at least a couple of hours. Plan your day so you finish your Ark tour just in time for lunch at Emzara’s Buffet, the two-story casual restaurant.

Then walk off your lunch by walking through the growing Ararat Ridge Zoo.

Ararat Zoo - Ark Encounter

Let the Kids Play

Finish the day letting the kids (and kids at heart) play at the new playground. This playland is not your typical set of swings and slides. There’s something for all ages!

Collect ecoins

If you or your kids collect ecoins, take some dollar bills so you can get your souvenir coins! But note: the machines don’t take quarters!

Know Where to Stay

When you plan your trip to the Ark Encounter, pick an hotel or stay in a modern farmhouse AirBNB just 15 minutes away!

Find the Ark Encounter

1 Ark Encounter Drive 
Williamstown, KY 41097


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