What to Expect at Slug Bug Ranch

We love finding random roadside attractions when we are on the road. Located a few minutes east of Amarillo on I-40 at exit 96, you can find the Slug Bug Ranch. These five wrecked Volkswagen Beetles are buried hood-down in the ground and are the perfect place to stop and get some pictures.

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What to Expect at Slug Bug Ranch

Slug Bug Ranch is located right off the interstate with easy parking spot. It is an abandoned trading post and everything is covered with spray paint. And I do mean everything.

In 2002, a Travel Plaza was built on the opposite side of the Crutchfield’s interstate exit. They figured they could stay in business if they could siphon away traffic with something eye-catching and engaging. Slug Bug Ranch seemed a natural choice: a parody of the popular Cadillac Ranch, 35 miles west. At the time, the Beetle wrecks were painted a pristine bright yellow, and a sign next to them encouraged, “Sign a Bug.”

The Trading Post closed only a year after it was built, but the Slug Bug Ranch has lasted as a regular stop for travelers who just can’t pass up the chance to use paint cans and make their personal mark.

Things to Know

  • This is not an attraction as much as a roadside stop.
  • No admission fee.
  • No parking fee.
  • Just get off the interstate and pull over to park and take pictures.

Find Slug Bug Ranch

 I-40 Frontage Rd, Panhandle, TX 79068
Directions:East of Amarillo on I-40, exit 96, southwest corner, on Frontage Road, across the street from the Conway Inn and Restaurant.

If you love this, don’t miss Cadillac Ranch located just 35 minutes down the interstate!

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