What to Expect at a Rend Collective Concert

Last night we got to be in the audience as our favorite band Rend Collective kicked off their Revival Anthem Tour (Canada/US). We have been fans of the band for several years and jumped at the chance to buy tickets and see them live in concert in Kentucky! If you are thinking about going to a Rend Collective concert, then I’ve got you covered so you will know what to expect.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I just want to share a great concert experience! Amazon affiliate links are included to make it easy for you to purchase the music.

What to Expect at a Rend Collective Concert

Buy Tickets Now

Somerset, KY was the first stop on their Revival Anthem Tour, but it’s going to go fast. Check out the tour schedule and see if they are going to be near you and buy your tickets online now.

Pick Your Ticket Level

Tickets range in level from the Full Irish experience where you can get there early, meet the band and hear a private pre concert all the way down to general admission. We chose the deluxe ticket version because we wanted to guarantee good seats and we were not disappointed. We were third road from the stage.

Enjoy the Opening Band

We’ve all been to concerts where the opening band was yawn-inducing and just something to endure before the main act takes the stage, but that is not the case on this tour. Land of Color was a great opener and may now become one of our new favorites! Follow them and check out their music! Definitely a great way to start the night!

World Vision Feature

World Vision is an organization that sponsors children around the world. As a host for the show, they get their time to tell about their organization and share their vision. You will be given the opportunity to sign up and financially support a child. Do your research ahead of time so you will be able to make an informed decision when you arrive at the concert. *If you are taking a youth group or teenagers, talk about this beforehand so they understand what is involved in the commitment of signing up for the program.

The Main Event – Rend Collective

From the very moment Rend Collective takes the stage, you are in for an amazing evening of energy, worship and good Irish fun! The band is described as a Northern Irish Christian folk rock worship band. There is an insane mix of instruments: everything from the typical guitars and drums to some unusual instruments that are not seen in typical worship bands. In their own words:

We use an arsenal of the weird, wonderful, whimsical music toys that we’re still not too old to love, our native Irish folk instruments, some good old-fashioned rock’ n’ roll guitars, and even some synth-pop inspired elements. (And it goes without saying that Gareth once again wields that awesome, homemade weapon of mass celebration we know only as ‘the Jingling Johnny.’)


The Atmosphere is Electric

A Rend Collective concert is not a sit-down worship service where everyone is laid back, relaxed and quiet. Instead, this is a full sensory overload of lights, color, loud music and celebration. You might have bubbles blowing off the stage, confetti falling from the sky and smoke blowing from canisters. Be ready for strobe lights, spotlights and so much energy that you will wonder how in the world the band can keep this pace.

The Worship is Real

You know how you go to some concerts and you feel that the band is just spouting off words that they memorized? Maybe they raise their hands or close their eyes and you feel like it’s all an act? This is not the experience at a Rend Collective concert. There is a sense that this group is really celebrating their faith and relishing the opportunity to share their music with the audience.

Stay Till the End

Most artists will end the concert and tell you thank you, good night. But don’t be fooled by the first ending. Stick around a few more minutes and enjoy the encore! Rend Collective has just released a brand new kids album called Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. Within minutes of ending the concert, the fun started all over again with the band coming back out to play one of the songs from the kids album. (and make sure you wait for the panda hats to come out! No words will explain the experience, just trust me on this one).

But with all the celebration of the evening, my favorite part of the concert was the last 5 minutes. We ended the evening with the band putting their instruments down and letting the voices of the audience finish the concert with an old favorite “I love you Lord!”. What a fitting end to a amazing night of celebration!

Thank you Rend Collective and Land of Color for a concert that we will never forget!

Check the Revival Anthem Tour schedule and see if they are traveling to a city near you!

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  1. From the posted start time, how long until you left the building?
    We are going to a Rend Collective concert next week and I’m trying to figure out if we can bring my daughter who has an event the next morning.

  2. How very exciting, Sharon. It is truly refreshing to learn of a band that is truly dedicated to the Lord. Thanks so much for sharing.

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