What Season Are you In?

What season are you in? Think about the seasons and how they change. Right now we are in the middle of winter. It is gray cold and a bit dreary. But in just a couple of months, we will be in spring. Things will be green and yellow daffodils will start blooming.

As the seasons change so does our life and our hobbies. Before I had kids, I played the piano on a very regular basis. I enjoyed working on afghans and quilts and read lots of books. I also had multiple collections that I enjoyed working on.

When the kids were born, I was busy with babies and my hobbies took a backseat. Now that the kids are teenagers I’m able to focus a little more on some of my hobbies. I have a little more time in the evening to work on afghans and focus on my blogs.

Hobbies must change with the seasons of life. If you are facing a new season then think about how you can adapt and discover or rediscover a hobby.

I am loving the opportunity to work on my 2nd afghan this year.  My parents gave me a bag of new yarn for Christmas and I am working hard to turn the yarn into something amazing that I can pass on to my kids. 

What season of life are you in? Are you finding that your hobbies have changed and evolved as time moves forward?

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