What I’m Growing in November

Some people view gardening as a summer activity with no way to enjoy growing flowers and vegetables during the cold months. But for the past three years, I’ve been finding ways to enjoy gardening year-round. A few years ago my family bought me a small plastic greenhouse and a grow lamp. Now when the temperatures start to drop outside, I turn my attention to growing things indoors. Here are some of the things I’m growing this November.

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What I’m Growing this November

My plastic greenhouse is in its third year and is starting to show its age. The zipper doesn’t work very well and the shelves are not quite as strong as they were the first year. But until I can build a long-term greenhouse, this works really well. I replaced the plastic cover last winter and added a plastic shower curtain to help as a makeshift door.

I brought in the wooden bench that I built last year with Semi-Exact metal legs so I can support the heavier pots and added some insulation panels along the back wall.

What I’m Growing in the Greenhouse

Each year I buy pansies when they go on clearance so I can enjoy them all winter long. It’s such a mood booster to walk out in the greenhouse when there is snow outside and be able to find cheery pansies still in full bloom. I got them all repotted last week before the temperatures dropped and now it’s time to watch them grow all winter.

The RinseKit will make it so much easier to water my flowers throughout the winter season.

We are planning to plant as many berries and fruit trees on the farm in the spring so when we found them on clearance last week. Since we’re not exactly sure where we will plant them, I’m going to overwinter them in the greenhouse. It should allow them to have cold they need without exposing them to the harsh frost and icy days that are coming.

What I’m Planting Indoors

I’ve got a few different grow lights that I’m experimenting with indoors. I’m growing some succulents, chocolate mint, and several plants that I’m not sure what they are. I love watching them each day to see what is growing and what needs to be moved.

Plant a Pencil

Another fun thing I’m growing this year is a pencil. Yes, I planted a pencil. But not just any pencil. This is a special pencil with seeds enclosed in the end instead of an eraser.

Sprout’s pencils can be planted after you’ve used them and they grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables, and even spruce trees. Just place the green seed capsule in the soil, place the pot in sunlight and water frequently. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

Are you growing anything indoors this winter? I’d love to hear your experiences and stories!

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  1. Hello! I noticed we have the same greenhouse and I want to attempt to start some seeds and grow all winter in this thing. I put it under my covered porch in hopes to keep the snow accumulation down and keep it warmer. My thermometer says it’s 29 degrees in the thing! Was wondering what you do to keep your plants warm and sprouting in it!? Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather, I also added plastic bubble wrap, and even some insulation panels that I had in the garage to keep it warm. That helped. I always think of how each layer of plastic I add drops the zone one level so the more I put around the cover made it warmer. Good luck!

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