What Do You Get a Gardener?


Do you have a gardener on your holiday shopping list and you’re not quite sure what to surprise them with this year? People who love to spend time outside have a unique list of things they want. If you are wondering what to get a gardener for special celebrations, then I’ve got some great ideas that you may not have thought about.

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What do you get a Gardener?

I’ve been on the gardening, homestead journey for several years and there are several things I always want – flower seeds, bulbs, replacement garden tools, or canning supplies. But if you have already exhausted these ideas and need something fresh, check out these ideas.

New books, journals, insect repellants, snacks, or options to clean up after working in the yard are great for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or family gift exchanges.

The Old Farmers Almanac

Full of lots of fun, facts, and features that are, as always,  “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor”, this newest edition will include the Almanac’s much anticipated 80-percent accurate weather forecasts. This is the 232nd edition of the beloved publication. 

This year, the Almanac has a winter forecast sure to excite snow bunnies and sweater lovers alike! It’ll be a Winter Wonderland in most places throughout the US!

Order The Old Farmers Almanac

Portable Snacks

People who spend time outside need snacks. Fill up their snack box with granola bars, beef jerky or trail mix so they will be ready for their next outdoor adventure.

Crafted with care since 1969, Old Trapper offers a range of flavors that will satisfy everyone. Whether it’s Original, Teriyaki, or Hot & Spicy, Old Trapper Beef Sticks are sure to be perfect with their bold taste and high-quality ingredients. 

Garden Journal

From daily happenings and garden successes to plant lists, variety names, and seasonal to-dos, you’ll be able to stay organized and keep a carefully curated record of current activities and future tasks. This gorgeous journal acts as a logbook and guide through 5 years of your garden’s life. Keeping track of success and failures, wishes and wants, has never been more beautiful! 

The Garden Journal

Gardening Books for Winter

I love being able to eat right out of my backyard so anytime I get the chance to learn more about creating an edible landscape, I take it. This is a great new book that will teach me so much!

Out with the lawn and in with the food! That’s the battle cry of millions of modern gardeners who are not only looking to reduce the amount of time and energy they have to spend tending a lawn, but they’re also looking to improve the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors by supplying them with fresh, homegrown food. In the United States alone, 46 million acres of land are covered in turfgrass (that’s more acreage than corn and soybeans combined!). Imagine all the good that would come if that land were dedicated to growing food instead! 

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Natural Insect Repellants

We use insect repellant every day on the farm so when I can replenish our supply with better products, I am always ready to do so. Here’s a new-to-me brand that I’m excited to use on our farm adventures.

Lemongrass Farms products are Made in the USA and formulated with the purest essential oils on the planet sourced from Berjé (suppliers of leading perfumes worldwide).

Portable Hand Washing Supplies

We don’t have running water at our farm yet so we keep a well-stocked supply of all the things we need. Alcala Body wipes are perfect for when we get to working hard and want to clean up before we drive back to the house.

Made with 100% pure bamboo, our wipes are perfect for the gym, travelling, and nursing, as a quick and convenient shower alternative. Extra-large (10 x 10 inches) and strong enough to refresh where you need it most, but soft and delicate enough for your face and most sensitive areas. Perfect for the on-the-go with its shelf life of 2 years.

Order on Amazon

You may remember a few years ago I added Suds2go to my farm kit. Over time the spring on the soap pump got sluggish and didn’t work right. I contacted the company and they replaced the pump part. I had no idea that you could easily purchase the replacement pump nozzle. This is a great product for any outdoor family and stays in our truck so we’re always ready for adventure.

What do you plan to get for the gardener on your list? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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