What do you do for FUN?

Back in 2011, I started this blog. I was hearing so many of my friends talk about how busy their lives are and how they just don’t have time to do anything they enjoy. Everyone just seems too busy shuffling the kids from one activity to the next, doing laundry, cleaning house and working full time jobs to do anything hobby related. Fast forward eight years and I am still just as passionate about helping people rediscover the things that make life special.

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What Do You do for fun? and why does it matter?

What do you do for fun? & Why does it matter?

We are all busy! We work full-time jobs, volunteer at school functions, serve as a taxi driver, coach, chef and maid as well as be responsible for home finances and long-range planning for our families.

So here’s the question…. What do you do for fun? And why does it even matter? Is it important to take time to focus on something you really just enjoy? I think the answer to these questions is YES! With all the business of our lives, each of us is dealing with stress.

There’s potential for worry, fear, nerves, illness, financial struggles, and work-related stress. Without a healthy way to relieve that stress and worry, our physical health is in jeopardy.

Identify the Things You Love to Do

One of the things I really love to do is work on my blog. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding and really does serve as a stress relief in my life. Recently I found myself sitting for hours in the hospital just waiting for answers. I pulled out my laptop and did small things on my blog. It was very therapeutic for me to be able to write, edit and promote my posts while I was waiting in a potentially stressful situation. Rather than just sit there and worry, I was able to channel the nerves into something productive and enjoyable.

Another thing I enjoy is walking. I have never been a runner but I love to walk. When I take my kids to a sports practice, I often end up walking laps around the field or on the track above them while they practice. Not only is this a great way for me to sneak in some extra steps for the day, but it also gives me a chance to watch their practice and get a peek at how they are progressing.

I also purchased a SurfShelf treamdill desk 5 years ago. It is a simple plexiglass desk that I strapped to my treadmill so I can walk and work at the same time. It’s held up great for 5 years and helps me get extra steps throughout the day!

Identify time in your schedule

You don’t find time for hobbies by accident. You have to actually put it on the calendar and make it a priority. Do you love to create, sew, paint or read? If you have a lunch break at work, then find a corner to sit and actually create something of beauty for 20 minutes. Are you traveling for work and find yourself in an airport terminal waiting for your connecting flight? Bring a book and read a chapter! Do you spend time at the doctor’s office every week with an elderly relative? Keep a busy bag full of your latest project in the car.

Do you love to watch TV in the evening with your family? Watching TV is a great time to pull out a stack of photographs and get them ready for your next scrapbook project. You can crochet several rows on an afghan or work a crossword puzzle.

Turn the hobbies into a family event:

I recently heard of a couple who enjoy running. On Thanksgiving Day, they do a family fun run before the big meal. Instead of taking off on their own and leaving the kids at home with others, they turn their hobby into a family event.

  • One Mom who loves to take pictures of nature, takes her kids to the park and lets them play while she experiments with angles, light and color on the playground equipment.

When my kids were young and I wanted to work on a quilt, I would let the kids lay out the quilt blocks on the floor and make designs while I sewed the next block. They loved arranging the patterns and it gave me time to sew.

Pursuing your hobbies and doing something fun should not cause more stress in your life. When you start looking for time to sneak in something you enjoy, you may be surprised at where you find opportunities.

What are your hobbies? When is the last time you did something just for you? I’d love to hear!

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  1. At my age (73) making greeting cards has become a wonderful way to relax and have fun! Not only is this relaxing but serves to make other people happy by receiving a friendly greeting. It also serves to help keep my mind sharp and my fingers nimble. I try to think about what would make each recipient happy before I design a card. As you can see, my hobby has many uses, not only for me, but for others.

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