What do we tell the kids?

Today, I watched Facebook come alive with status updates, news links and cries of Why? I found myself crying as more and more details emerged, till finally I had to stop working, walk away from my computer and phone and just process the tragic news coming from Connecticut. My 10 year old son wanted to know why I was crying. As I picked up my 2 other kids from school, they needed an explanation of why there were sad looks, tears and whispered conversations between adults. What do we tell the kids?

What do we tell the kids?

We know we can’t shield our kids from the horrible acts that sometimes take place in society, but I know I sure do try. I want to protect their innocence and keep them from living in a world of fear as much as possible. So what do we tell the kids when things like this happen?

My explanation was that though we live in a beautiful world, there are some bad people who do horrible things. I reassured them that there was no danger to them or to the people they know and love. We prayed as a group for the families in Connecticut that were hurting and dealing with a very sad situation.

….and then I tried to get control – for their sake.

I turned off the computer, made sure the television was not on and we created memories. We worked a puzzle, made a smoothie, ate pizza, watched something funny on TV and then cuddled together and read books.

I held them each a little closer, hugged them a little tighter, thanked God for them, prayed for our safety and then said I love you, good night.

I have no idea when we will tell them what we really happened. Maybe tomorrow when Daddy is home and the sun is shining brightly. Maybe next week….maybe next year…. We’ll see.

The internet is full of expert advice on what we should tell our kids when bad things happen. All I know is that our kids need to feel safe – even when horrible things happen. I don’t want my kids jumping at every loud noise while they are working on math problems at school.

What do you tell your kids when things like this happen?

We continue to pray for the families and communities affected by the tragic events in Connecticut.

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