What Are Your Reading Goals for 2021?

I have always been a book worm. When I was young, I always had my nose in a book. My best friend and I would have slumber parties and both of us would bring our latest book because we knew we would end up reading while others were watching a movie. But as life got busier, my reading time decreased. There have been some years where I struggled to find time to read even one book a month. But this past year has been a huge reading year. I’m excited to set my reading goals for 2021 and have some tips to help us meet these goals.

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My 2020 Book Challenge

In 2020, I decided to track my books in the GoodReads app. You can easily set a reading challenge and keep a record of all the books you are reading or want to read in their app. I didn’t plan to read 55 books in 2020, but as soon as I finished one book, I would start another one and before I knew it, I was over 50!

Good Reads Reading Challenge:

Just create a free account, search for the book title and mark it as read, reading or want to read. You can leave reviews or ratings if you choose but I often am so ready to move to the next book that I forget to do that.


What did I read in 2020?

I read a wide range of books in 2020. I started off the year with some classic favorites:

  • Little Women & Little Men
  • Anne of Green Gables Series

Then I went through a string of Janette Oke, Lori Wick, DiAnn Mills, Mary Connealy and Karen Kingsbury books. Some I had read when I was teenager and others were new to me.

I sprinkled in some homesteading books about dehydrating food, raising chickens and how to make soap.

One book led to the next and before I knew it I had finished 55 books. Now it’s time for a new year – new challenge!

Tips for Working Books into your Life

Set a Reasonable Goal

I may have read 55 books in 2020, but that’s not my goal for 2021. I know that life may not allow me to read so many books, so I set my 2021 goal at 24. That’s much more reasonable and achievable than 55. Plus, with a Goodreads Reading Challenge, I can easily adjust the number if I find that I am reading more or less. If you have not been reading many books lately, then you might want to set your goal at 12 – 1 book per month!

Make Reading Easy

Some people love reading ‘real books’ in paperback format. Others prefer ebooks on their phone or Kindle. There are times in my schedule that I like reading a paperback book but other times I like pulling up a new book on my phone and reading on Libby or my Kindle App. Whichever method you prefer, make it easy so you can read.

If you use paper books, make sure you have a night light near your bed so you can see to read before you go to sleep.

Read What You Enjoy

Feel free to let reading be your time of escape and enjoyment. If you want to read the newest fiction, business or political bestseller, then do it! if you prefer classic literature, fantasy or inspiration, then that’s what you should read. Read what you enjoy and pick out the things that interest you!

Make a List

Sometimes I make a TBR (To be read) list of books and other times, I just read what I find next. But right now I have a list of books on my TBR list! If you have some books that you find interesting, make a list and start checking it off one book at a time!

Remember You Can Stop

If you get started on a book and find that you are not loving it, just stop reading it. You can always pick it back up later but there are way too many books in the world to spend time reading something you don’t enjoy.

My Current TBR

Here are some of the books that I have on my To Be Read list! Which of these look fascinating to you?

7 Habits on the Go
A Condensed Guide to Improving Personal and Business Health and Reducing Stress

The world is changing dramatically and it’s easy to be alarmed and lose focus of what matters most. Don’t fall into that trap! Build leadership skills, boost productivity, and learn and apply the time-tested principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the smallest gesture makes the biggest difference. This little book shows how to start―with the small, with the particular, with the individual―in order to make a difference in the world.

  • True stories about acts of kindness and generosity of spirit
  • Suggestions for living more compassionately
  • Inspirational quotes to get you started

Journal Planning Magic

Planning made simple. Journal Planning Magic is the ultimate companion for planning the different areas of our lives. No matter how organized or disorganized you might feel, this guide helps find which planning process works best for you, whether it be bullet journaling or something simpler. Filled with details and tips on drafting schedules for the day, week, month, and year―and lots of visual inspiration to get started―Journal Planning Magic encourages us to work on short term and personal goals on a regular basis.

You Should be Writing

“This journal is a must-have for writers everywhere. With quotes from a diverse group of historical and modern authors to use as creative prompts on every page, you’ll be able to bring your writing inspiration with you wherever you go.” —Sassy Townhouse Living

What are you reading? Got any goals? I’d love to hear your favorite books and what you are enjoying right now!

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