We bought a Farm!

A little over a year ago, we bought a farm. One day we’ll have chickens, a glass greenhouse, some farm animals, and plenty of places to relax but for today, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Since many of you also love farm life and understand the fun of discovering what is on the land, I’m going to be sharing some of our progress. From hidden daffodils and a brand new apple orchard, to hay lofts and demolition projects, we’ve got some fun times ahead of us!

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We bought a Farm!

It’s always been our dream to purchase land for our future retirement years. We can’t wait to live on the farm and enjoy our morning coffee overlooking our farm animals, and watching things grow. Here are some of the highlights of our process so far!

Our Future Apple Orchard

Last fall my parents bought us 4 apple trees. We planted them up on the hillside and wrapped them with corrugated plastic to hopefully protect them from curious deer.

We were so excited to see that they all made it through the winter and have new blossoms this year. Of course, we won’t get apples for quite a while but the process is started! Each year we hope to add a few more fruit trees and expand our little orchard so we will have fresh apples and berries.

Cleaning up Old Buildings

Our farm has several old buildings that need some serious attention. Some of the barns and building are worth investing some time and energy but others like this old house just need to be removed. It’s going to be some work, but we’re excited to get the demolition process started!

Finding Suprise Flowers

One of the fun parts of each new season on the farm is discovering flowers that are growing on their own. Out in the field where there used to be a driveway, we found these beautiful daffodils blooming. Of course, I decided to bring them home so I could enjoy them in the kitchen. Eventually, I’ll transplant the bulbs into a new place where we build but for now, I’ll let them grow and thrive on their own.

Exploring all over the farm

A few years ago we purchased a used ATV so we can explore the farm. This makes it much easier to carry chopped wood, rocks, new plants or trees around to different parts of the property. Another perk is being able to take our family on private rides out to our favorite lookouts, hideaways and spaces!

Exploring the Hayloft

One of the classic places to explore when people think of a farm is the hayloft in the barn. We’ve got an amazing hayloft just begging for adventure. I can’t wait to show you some of the fun ideas we’ve got for this great space!

Have you ever bought a farm. and started the full restoration process? We are so excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to see how it grows and changes as we move forward. Stay tuned for our farm update each month!

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