Ways to use the RinseKit for Summer Adventures


It’s hot and summer isn’t quite over! There’s still plenty of time for cookouts, farm days, and outdoor adventures! Everyone knows that a successful summer involves s’mores, garden time, and wading in the creek adventures, but how do you keep clean when your adventures are done? I’ve got you covered. Take a look at how the RinseKit is one important essential that can help turn your adventures from muddy to amazing!

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Ways to use the RinseKit for Summer Adventures

Cookouts & Picnics

One of the best and worst parts of a cookout is sticky hands from marshmallows, spilled lemonade or ketchup, and mustard that spill out of the hamburger bun. Sure, you can just offer your guests a paper towel and pour out a bottle of water, but we have taken it up a notch this year with the .

Just bring it down to the cookout and give everyone an easy way to rinse off all the yummy messes.

What is the RinseKit? The RinseKit .5 gallon PRO is our first battery-pressurized model, boasting a consistent, high pressure spray that lasts for up to 5 minutes. The battery pressurization is not only strong, but makes the PRO easy to use – simply pour water in the top fill cap, press the power button and spray! The PRO is perfect for avid surfers, campers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts who want more capacity plus the consistency, strength and convenience of battery-powered pressurization.

Backyard Adventures

On summer nights, we love to play in the creek and look for geodes. That means there are lots of muddy shoes, hands, and rocks. We don’t have a water hose down by the creek, but we do have the . Perfect solution for backyard adventures.

Farm Days

When we are out working on the farm, we often get into muddy messes. Since we don’t have electricity, plumbing, or outdoor facilities there yet, the RinseKit is an essential part of our farm gear. This gives us the water we need when we are spending days out on the farm.

Garden Mud

I spend time each day working in the garden pulling weeds, picking vegetables, and getting muddy. Since I don’t have a water hose near my backdoor, the RinseKit is perfect for cleaning my feet before I head inside.

Road Trips

Have you ever been on a road trip and found the perfect body of water begging you to take off your shoes and go wading or playing in the waves? I remember one of our road trips where we ended up at Indiana Dunes State Park and the kids wanted to play in the waves. They got all sandy and we had to use our water bottles to rinse them off before they could get back in the van for our next leg of the trip. The RinseKit is perfect for these occasions. No need to tell the kids to watch the sand or dirt. Now we can just open the tailgate of the truck and rinse off everyone’s feet before they get back in the vehicle.

Have you ever used a portable shower like the ? Where would the RinseKit be the perfect solution for your summer adventures? I’d love to hear!

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