Ways to Support Indie Artists

Do you love supporting independent artists but are not quite sure where to start? When artists don’t have a label, production company, or retailer supporting your art, it can be more challenging to promote their work. Today, I’m featuring several indie artists plus some easy ways to support each of these artists.

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Ways to Support Indie Artists

Buy local souvenirs

When we are on vacations or road trips, we try to support indie artists by buying souvenirs from the locals instead of going to chain store gift shops. As we were leaving the Grand Canyon National Park, there were some local Navajo families selling jewelry on the road. We stopped and spent some time talking to the families and then purchased several bracelets, necklaces and other souvenirs.

Look for murals and public art when you’re on a road trip

We are always on the lookout for public art and murals when we travel. Support these local artists by taking pictures and sharing them on social media. Typically, the artist signs the murals in the top or bottom corner and includes their social media handle so you can tag them!

Visit local art museums with your family

On our recent trip to Helen, Georgia, we spent some time at the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia. This is a great place that showcases the artistic skills of one of the South’s premier grassroots art forms, folk pottery. Look for local art museums when you are traveling and support these artists!

Look for Art that Makes You Smile

A few years ago we were in a Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky, and found this piece by artist Debbie B Lewis (@choosehappyart) in the Art-o-mat. Now it sits on a bookshelf as a reminder of one of our favorite road trips and makes us smile every time we see it!

Buy Art You Can Use

A few months ago, we bought new Fiesta plates and bowls and I’m loving all the deep colors when we set the table. It only makes sense then that my new favorite way to stay hydrated is with AlanaKay Art. I love the intense color and the heavy feel of the glass when I’m drinking my water with fresh mint leaves.

As an Artist, my passion is to communicate stories with vibrancy. Our world does not exist in black and white. It is loud with movement and full of life. I believe we should surround ourselves with things that make us come alive. My art explores the tension — a magnetic pull between impatience and patience. Desire, urgency, and excitement fuel my creativity while slowing down, careful evaluation, and waiting refine the process. It is a delicate balance of grit and grace.

AlanaKay Art

What is the best way to support independent artists? Tell a friend! Word of mouth is one of the strongest recommendations and the best way to help these artists grow.

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