10 Ways to Improve Your Day

Can we all agree that life is sometimes tough? It seems like every time you open social media, answer the phone, or talk to a coworker, there’s more bad news. So today, instead of focusing on the negative issues that we all face, let’s find ten easy ways to improve our day.

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Easy Ways to Improve your Day

I do not claim that these tips will take away the pain, heal your broken heart, or make you a millionaire but what I do guarantee is that if you incorporate some of these tips into your life, your day may seem a bit better. If you have seen the movie Mary Poppins, then you know that sometimes you need a spoonful of sugar. So consider these tips a little spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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1. Send an Encouraging Message:

The other night I took five minutes and sent my friend a private message on Facebook. I simply said: “Hi friend, I just wanted to tell you thanks for being my friend for so many years. I hope you’re having a good evening.” Her response was instant. Things in her life are much harder than I suspected. It meant so much for me just to take 30 seconds to send her a personal note

Don’t get this confused with a public status update. It’s not the same when you copy/paste a public status that says everyone should tell you five good things, or everyone say something nice. Those messages often come across as very forced or contrived. But a personal Facebook message, text or voicemail can make a world of difference in someone’s life.

2. Send a card.

When is the last time you wrote someone a card just to say have a good day? I recently picked up some pretty thank you cards and have tried to remember to put a handwritten card in the mail at least once a week. There’s just something about opening the mailbox and getting a random note from a friend to improve both people’s day.

Note cards

3. Rescue a shopping cart.

We all know that sometimes it’s inconvenient to return a shopping cart to the right place. So rather than fuss when someone leaves a cart in your parking spot, take a couple extra seconds and return it for them. This seems like such a simple thing but can make a world of difference in how someone feels. It makes it more convenient for the next person to be able to park if there are no shopping carts in the way.

4. Buy a coffee.

One of the best cups of hot chocolate I ever purchased was when my kids were very little on a cold snowy school day. The teacher who was monitoring the car line was freezing cold and said she sure wished she had a cup of hot chocolate. So instead of ignoring her simple comment, after we dropped off my kindergartner, my other two children and I ran to the gas station and picked up a hot cup of cocoa. We circle back through the line and handed it to her. The look on her face was priceless. It cost me 10 minutes and less than a dollar but made a huge difference in both of our lives that day.

5. Watch the butterflies.

A friend of mine recently shared a picture that her young niece colored for her. The little girl knew that Jenn was missing the sunshine, spring weather, and beautiful butterflies. So she sent a hand colored picture of a butterfly and instructed her to tape it on the window. That way when she was looking outside at the gray rainy days she would see butterflies. If you don’t have butterflies out your window, then make your own! Thanks to Jenny at Dapperhouse for sharing this story

6. Play some music.

On days when I’m feeling gloomy, my mom often reminds me to open the windows, let the sunshine in and turn on some music. There’s nothing like a good playlist to lift your spirits.

7. Find pretty flowers.

Soon we will have a bunch of daffodils in bloom in our backyard. Although I love seeing them bloom out in the yard, I love even more having a vase of cheery daffodils on my kitchen counter. Take a few minutes and go get some flowers in your yard or stop at the grocery store and buy a few from the floral department.

8. Focus on a Friend in Need

Sometimes the best way to improve your own day is to help someone else. There’s just something about helping others that definitely makes us feel better! Need some easy ideas to be a good friend? Here are some tips to help a friend in need!

9. Plan a trip!

When you are having a bad day, start looking for free things to do that get you out on an adventure! There are hundreds of free things to do all around the country! Check out this list of 101 FREE Spring Break Ideas to get your brain started thinking!

101 Free spring break ideas

10.  Go for a Hike

Being outside in nature whether it is beautiful weather or a little on the rainy side will do wonders for your mood and outlook on life. Take the time to walk around the yard, the block or go explore a new waterfall and you will find that everything looks a little brighter!

Get outside and hike!

What are some ways you are working to improve your life today? I’d love to hear!

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